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 Running towards nightmares [open]

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PostSubject: Re: Running towards nightmares [open]   Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:16 pm

Remæus nearly skipped the meeting, but then had been reminded of a certain incident that sparked his irritation to no end and he just had to at the very least inform the Association about their handling supernatural affairs. So, rising earlier than usual he prepped and left the estate along with a friend to the meeting hall. Naturally it was filled with countless personalities to which he had little to commune with either of the lot. His main concern was the Association.

Once the meeting was in full swing he allowed the head of the Association ample time to go about the litany of proceedings that came with every mundane meeting and he honestly wondered just who listened to the verbatim anymore? The head however came to pause when the hunter and her company walked in and took the only empty seat left. Encouraged the meeting to proceed.

Remæus tapped the arm rest of his chair, waiting, beside him, Jona snuck a glance into one of those fancy gadgets. A mobile? When did he even aquire one was beyond him. ❝If you can continue your piece,❞ Remæus gestured the head to quit staring and finish what he had to say.

The Association president ruffled at the end of the table and his face colored slightly, then he averted his gaze and went on to propose his ideas. He wanted there to be a new method to promote coexistence between the next generation. Not only among their otherworldly natures but with the mortal kind as well. A little late in the game for that, wasn't it? Where was he leading with this? Some fantasy pipe dream?

Remæus shook his head, ❝We need to establish a ground rule between our association with, them,❞ Je gestured dismissively toward the latecomers—the group they represented. ❝I hear you held a trial against my dear brother without his or my presense to even defend him. Then called for a witch-hunt. It's uncalled for and I demand you re-evaluate how you call judegement. Or I promise you there will never be any coexistence here.❞

The silence mounted over the once restless attendees. Glances flitted from one end of the room to the other. How was the head going to explain himself out of this?


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PostSubject: Re: Running towards nightmares [open]   Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:46 pm

Mia placed two fingers against the side of her forehead and gestured them forward in a mocking salute when Remæus gestured towards herself and the two other hunters with her. Closing her eyes and leaning her head backwards Mia crossed her arms over her stomach as she quietly listened to everything going on.

The head hesitated for quite a bit before he cleared his throat "How the hunters run is up to Death.." he said trying to palm off the problem on her making Mia open her eyes to look up at him. "I simply do as I am told. I am given an order and I carry it out, don't place this on me or on my hunters" she said coldly as she swung her legs off of the edge of the chair and sat up straight.

The head looked at Mia a little before he looked over at Remæus "What would you like for us to do to compensate you for this? Punish the hunters?" he questioned ignoring what Mia had said.
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Running towards nightmares [open]
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