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 One Eye Open

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PostSubject: One Eye Open   Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:59 pm

Aniki looked long and hard at her lollipop. Turning and twisting it, watching the light reflect off of it's dark red colour. Her thoughts were swirling with it.

She sat in the back of the library, atop one of the numerous bookshelves. Students hurriedly rushed and chatted around her, never once looking up to see her. She didn't mind. She was quite used to being invisible.

In her ears were tiny green buds, filling her head with music. Looking down at people, they seemed to move with time the fast paced song. The kids at Samson High never took their time. Everything was as if pressed into fast forward.

The bell rang, silencing her song. Aniki turned off the mp3, stuck the sucker in her mouth, and put on her beanie to hide her unique ears. Jumping down off the shelf, no one noticed. As usual, she thought. Of course being 4 foot 11 couldn't really help. She lifted her bag over her shoulder and went to first period, praying that something, ANYTHING exciting would happen to this place she was stuck at.

((OOC: Anyone can join, preferably mulitple people. Not sure where this is going, but that's half the fun! Pic of Aniki coming soon.))
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One Eye Open
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