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 The Rider's War [Open to ALL]

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PostSubject: The Rider's War [Open to ALL]    Wed May 21, 2014 3:43 pm

Caldislia was a beautiful kingdom located alongside the Shining Sea. The land provided the people with everything they needed from the sea to the lofty mountains. Rarely did the people suffer from threats of famine for the land was rich and the crop was always bountiful, and when the crop was scarce the sea always answered their call for sustenance. The only thing the people of Caldislia did fear was the fearsome creatures that called their mountains home. For living in those mountains were winged dragons who the people learned quickly would guard their home jealously. But when left alone the dragons did not roam far and were content to stay in their lofty heights. The people of Caldislia were content with their fearsome neighbors as were the dragons, and so the mountains were left well alone and the people continued to prosper.

But such peace could not last forever for the peaceful Caldisians shared their border with the nation of  Maldonia and Maldonia was jealous of the prosperity of their neighbor. While they would starve during a harsh winter they cursed Caldislia for their good luck. They asked themselves why they should not that land? Why should they starve, break, and work so hard on a land as unforgiving as their own when there was a land ripe for the picking on their own border? Rather than ask for help from the prosperous nation Maldonia decided to go to war.

And while Maldonia was a nation ready and willing for war, a nation whose industry was in mining for iron and coal, Caldislia was a peaceful nation and when the first wave hit they were nearly swept aside. The war that followed became known as the War of a Thousand Tears for the Caldisians for they had never seen such carnage before. The Madonians spared no one in their rampage across their lands and in their bid to take what was not theirs to take. They burned and pillaged everywhere they went and the small Caldisian army was barely enough to stem the tide.

It was when all seemed lost and the Maldonians were marching upon the capital Dorrea that the first dragon rider appeared. It is said that she rode upon magnificent golden dragon, larger than any the people had laid eyes on before. The Rider’s name was Galeria, her mount was known as Botan, and it was they who turned the tide of battle that fateful day.

As the legend of First Rider goes, when the Maldonians attacked Galeria lost her entire family to their fires and blades. She barely escaped with her life only to find shelter in the shadow of the mountain. The Maldonians, not knowing the tales of the mountain chased her there, only to be swallowed up by dragon fire and claw. But they spared the girl who fled to their Mountain. It was then that Botan challenged Galeria and Galeria met that challenge.

It is believed by many that it was the pleading of Galeria that moved Botan to assist her. There are others who believe that the dragons themselves were already debating what to do about the menace that was threatening their home when Galeria climbed their Mountain, for Caldislia is as much the dragon’s home as theirs. Whatever story is believed the first Rider was born and from it the bond that could never be broken was forged.

Galeria and Botan turned the tide in the war and Maldonia was pushed back to their border. An uneasy peace was forged and Caldislia began to heal. But life had forever changed for the nation of Caldislia for they had learned a powerful lesson. Galeria and Botan decided that the only way to keep Caldislia safe was to start a new order of protectors for Caldislia, to protect her borders and make sure the that Maldonia or any other nation never truly threatened their peace again.

And so the Dragon Riders of Caldislia were truly born.

Dylion wiped his sweaty brow and slumped to the floor. He was exhausted after doing his fighting exercises which he had been doing for hours now after he had mouthed off to his commanding officer.

“Why did I open my big mouth?”
He groaned as he laid flat on the floor, his arm laying limp at his side. He heard a rasping almost growling noise to his left and looked sharply to the side, his eyes narrowing, “Shut your trap Rakesh. I didn’t ask for your input.”

In the shadows of the large training room, a large green dragon was making the rasping noise as he lay sprawled on the floor, his large wings fold neatly against his back. The rasping grumbling sounds he was making, was the sound of a dragon laughing.

“Dylion you know better than to question orders. Regardless of how ridiculous.”

Rakesh’s words could only be heard by Dylion unless the dragon wanted others to heard them. That was how dragons spoke after all. But it was easiest for a dragon and their Rider to speak. They could hear each other across a battlefield, and if they honed their bond even greater distances could be achieved. It was once said that one dragon and rider heard each other from leagues apart, though it is exceedingly rare that any pair would be that far from each other for very long.  

Dylion scowled. His commander had wanted them to watch over the little ones. The riders-in-training as it were. Children who had been selected for training until their 16th birthday where they would climb the Mountain and either be bonded with a Dragon or comeback in disgrace. Some just didn’t come back. Most Riders wouldn’t be so against such a post. It meant that you had some trust since not just anyone would be placed with the next generation of Riders. But Dylion wasn’t just any Rider, and today wasn’t just any day.

Today was the day that the Royal family returned from their progress across Caldislia and Dylion had been looking forward to seeing the Princess again after 3 long months. This was also the day the Maldonian ambassador was supposed to arrive. An ambassador from Maldonia hadn’t been to Caldisia in 10 years, since the last conflict where a Maldonian spy had tried to steal a dragon egg from the Mountain. Obviously that had not gone well. Only now were the two nations once again attempting some semblance of friendly relations rather than just strained peace.

“I should be in the throne room, helping to guard the family.” He muttered. Instead he was being hidden away like he would do something inexcusably wrong.

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The Rider's War [Open to ALL]
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