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 What if I'm the monster? [m/m open]

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What if I'm the monster? [m/m open] Empty
PostSubject: What if I'm the monster? [m/m open]   What if I'm the monster? [m/m open] EmptySat Nov 10, 2018 7:27 pm

What if I'm the monster? [m/m open] 0170798df08285d54727b4ab22d9d7e3
Meri didn't like that she wasn't normal, she would have given anything to be a normal human teenage girl. One able to go out with friends anytime she wanted. She hated that her life revolved around the change of the moon, and now here she was eighteen and at a school for supernaturals. Even though she had lived with being a werewolf her whole life she hadn't learnt to control herself during her change, it was so bad that Meri always had to drive several hours away from town to make sure that there were no humans around that she could hurt as she had attacked and killed several humans during her changes. The waking up the morning after a change naked and covered in blood killed Meri so much that she had tried to kill herself several times but of course her wolf wouldn't allow that and so here she was. At a school for supernaturals struggling to control themselves.

Stepping off of the bus wearing an oversized hoodie, form fitting jeans and biker boots Meri looked like she had just rolled out of bed and piled her hair up high in a messy bun. Looking around she started following the mass of students that had gotten off of other buses and headed for the main hall, in there the introductions from the staff were being started and Meri took a seat. While looking over the staff members her eyes stopped on one man, he was tall and good looking, there was an air about him that screamed he was a man who liked this done his way. Sniffing a little Meri caught his scent and could tell he was a vampire, noticing him look directly at her Meri quickly snapped her head down and studied her thumbnails intently as she clasped her hands on her lap not wanting to come off as the weird werewolf with a staring problem.

After the introductions were done and the rules were gone over the students were separated into various groups, those that could work in groups were set off with counselors to start group activities and the hand full that were left with Meri were sent off individually with staff leaving Meri alone. The head woman walked up to Meri and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "I need to talk a bit more with the staff member who will be taking you Meri okay, so why don't you head on off to your cabin and get settled in for now and I'll send them over" she said cheerfully sending calming vibes through Meri since she was a fairy and it was one of her abilities. There had only been on staff member left besides the head and that was Mr. Mysterious Vampire Man.

Meri nodded her head and slinked out of the hall embarrassed by the fact that the person who would be looking after her needed to be talked to more about her, sighing she shoved her hands into her hoodie pockets and headed off to the cabin she had been assigned. Opening the door she walked inside and kicked it closed, she had been giving a cabin all to herself because of how dangerous she was. Biting her bottom lip to stop herself from crying Meri walked over to where her suitcase had been place and dragged it over to the foot of the twin bed in the bedroom. Looking at it for a moment she sighed to herself and flopped down onto the bed face first exasperated with everything, sulking for a moment she shifted her head onto her arms and sighed knowing she would need to get up soon and start walking to find a safe place to turn for the night as it was a full moon and she didn't want to accidentally kill someone here on her first night.

Hearing someone knock on the cabin door Meri stayed where she was laying on the bed not wanting to move or talk, when a second knock resounded sounding more impatient than the first "Go away" Meri called with a slight growl to her words. Right now she wanted to be alone to sulk and feel annoyed with her apparently uncontrollable wolf that made her life a living hell.
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What if I'm the monster? [m/m open]
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