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 A Tail of Two Kitties

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PostSubject: A Tail of Two Kitties   Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:41 am

Norn smiled as she walked her ward to school, handing off a homemade bento at the gates and making her way back to the small house they shared.  The sky was blue with scattered white clouds, the chill of early autumn just beginning to touch the air.  As she made her way back, Norn stopped to chat with some of the old ladies in the quiet, out of the way, suburb they lived in.

Upon reaching the small house she shared with her ward, a young orphan entrusted to her care by her late masters will, she began running through her daily chores.  After dragging the kotatsu out of storage and beating the dust out of the heavy covering and hanging it in the yard to air out, Norn sat with her back against the wall of the house, drifting slowly off to sleep

The small cat-eared girl stretched as she felt the sun on her skin and gave a cute high pitched yawn 'Hyyyyanyaaaaan~" Eyes squeezed shut, she began to push herself up from the ground she was sitting on when she realized she'd put her hand down in a puddle.

"Did it rain during my nap?  The weather program said it was supposed to be sunny with a few clouds." she mused with her head cocked to one side.
As Norn brought her hand up she noticed that the puddle she'd nearly been sleeping in wasn't exactly water.

"R-r-r-r-r-r-reeeed!" she stammered out in a panic as the dreams of her idyllic every day life vanished like a shattered window and reality came crashing in like the errant rock that had broken it.

She was slumped against the wall at the mouth of an alley between a pair of large apartment buildings that had seen better days.  As she scanned the alley, her panic rising by the second, she spotted a pair of bodies further down the alley.

"Eliza!" she squeaked out in a panicked whisper. "ELIZA!" she shrieked, louder this time.  The left side of her mouth pulled up in a snarl, the normal pure gold of her left eye going a deep red.  "Hissssssss, why are you shrieking so early in the morning!"  A raspy, almost feral voice growled out of her mouth, squinting at the morning sunlight.

"D-d-d-did you do this Eliza!" Norn replied in a panicked stutter, pointing to a third body slumped halfway out of a dumpster.  "They were criminals, Norn; scum that were preying on young girls walking alone at night.  The city is a better place without them."  and with that Eliza popped their shared body up off the ground and began to examine her appearance in a nearby broken window.

"Tch, we need to get cleaned up, the trash back there got more blood on me then I would have liked."  She turned back and spat into the alley.  "That's your fault for pulling a damn knife on me though, creep!"
The aforementioned knife had apparently been jammed into the offenders neck below his right collar bone and dragged down to his heart, carving through several ribs on its trip down.

"ELIZA!"  Norn's voice rang out, stamping her foot and stopping them dead in the center of the alley.  "Even if they were criminals, you can't just kill people.  That's supposed to be left to the police, and now I'M a criminal because you used MY body to kill these people!"

Norn was freaking out a bit at this point, stomping in circles and waving her hands in the air when she stopped suddenly as if she had walked into a wall.

"Will you shut up you spaz!  And it was my body first, parasite!"  Eliza growled out, "if you keep yelling about dead bodies we WILL draw the attention of the incompetent police that loaf around on taxpayer dime in this city."  Looking around Eliza spotted a large jacket that had been discarded by one of the thugs prior to the, *ahem* altercation, last night, and wrapped it around her bloody school uniform.

"Now, let's get out of here and get cleaned up, you can freak out all you want once we're somewhere safe, but I'm going back to sleep before that happens."

The golden right eye still under Norn's control was darting about wildly in a panic as Eliza growled and pulled the eyepatch out of her pocket, concealing the problematic orb.

As Eliza strode purposefully down the street away from the alley into the awakening city, Norn muttered dejectedly under her breath.  "Why is this happening again, we just found a nice spot to stay after the last incident too, oh dear oh dear oh dear."

Norn is a companion cyborg, meant to help out with domestic chores and general repairs around the house, and provide a small measure of security for those living alone.  Unfortunately for Norn, she soon discovered she had quite a unique defect, and an even more unique body

More details of Norn/Eliza's unique existence will be revealed as the story progresses, so please feel free to jump in and join them ^.^

If someone wants to join I was looking for either a curious passerby that overheard Norn/Eliza talking to herself or maybe a police officer investigating the recent string of known criminals meeting rather gruesome ends around the city over the past year or two
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A Tail of Two Kitties
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