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 the CO & the delinquent [open]

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PostSubject: the CO & the delinquent [open]    Thu May 31, 2018 9:59 pm

Penelope had been in an out of foster homes, mental hospitals, rehabs and juvie for as long as she could remember, but this was her last chance to apparently rejoin society and be a good person. No one knew that she didn't know how to be a good person, she had never known good people; those she had been placed with in foster care had been abusive but in a more subtle way than her parents had been. But instead of the courts placing her in the care of another foster family who couldn't control her at all they placed her with CO who apparently was not at all a nice person. But Penelope wasn't scared she was used to being around people who weren't nice at all. Getting out of the cap she had been bundled into she looked around a little before she walked up to the house she had been told to go to, hiking her bag up of her shoulder more Penelope rolled her eyes as she knocked on the door. She knew it wouldn't be long before she could leave, after all it was her eighteenth birthday in a couple of months and then she could do whatever the hell she wanted. Looking around at the very proper looking street Penelope smirked to herself as she knew that she was going to have a lot of fun here, but she also knew that she would spend very little time here and would make her way back to her old stomping around.

Hearing the door open Penelope looked forwards and raised a brow at the very good looking man in front of her, "Uh...guessing your my CO" she said as she looked him up and down taking in every little detail that she could. Penelope could honestly say that she was going to enjoy the view while she stayed with him. Not waiting for him to ask her inside Penelope pushed her way in and looked around at the clean interior. Yeah this was not a place she belonged with her second hand clothes that were too big for her and her rough around the edges personality, "Lucky you, you get to babysit me for a few months until I'm eighteen and then I'll be out of your hair" she called over her shoulder as she walked further into the house dumping her bag on the floor. Finding the kitchen Penelope beelined for the fridge and opened it peering inside, seeing a can of beer she grabbed it out and kicked the door closed as she popped open the can and took a swig of it not caring that she was still under age.
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the CO & the delinquent [open]
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