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 Lost Soul//m/m open

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PostSubject: Lost Soul//m/m open   Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:27 pm

Ray had been walking for days, her paws were sore and injured from everything path she had walked and her normally gorgeous light gray pelt was matted and filthy with dirt and blood. She couldn't bring herself to stop moving and think about everything that had happened with her pack and how she had failed as a Beta. Looking around tiredly she spotted a large house through the trees she was walking through, limping her way up to the house Ray huffed softly as she forced herself up the steps onto the front porch. Through the blood in her snout she couldn't smell that there was other wolves nearby and that she was now on the porch of a pack house. Closing her eyes Ray flopped down onto the porch in pain finally letting herself succumb to the pain and exhaustion.

Hearing a door open and voices reached her ears but she couldn't bring herself to open her eyes and move her head so she just stayed laying where she was, the feeling of hands touching her and her body being picked up Ray stayed limp as she was carried and she drifted off to sleep. Slowly waking up after a couple hours of sleep Ray looked around finding she had shifted back into her human form and she was in a soft comfortable bed, Ray's body ached as she moved on the bed and forced herself to sit up letting the sheet that was put over her fall into her lap. She knew it someone had looked at her chest once she had shifted they would have seen a tattoo above her left breast marking her as a Beta for a pack.

Swinging her legs out of the bed with a wince Ray got to her feet and held onto the bed trying to steady herself as the bedroom door opened. "Oh, you're up! I'm Lucy!" came a preppy voice making her look up to see a blonde sweet looking girl with towels and clothes in her arms, "I've run you a bath and I've put a few things in it to help you heal" the girl continued as she bustled her way into the bathroom near Ray. Looking out of the bedroom door she saw a man looking at her with interest before he wandered off, she could tell he wasn't an Alpha but a Beta like herself. Letting the bubbly girl grab her and gently guide her into the bathroom Ray groaned as she climbed into the bath and relaxed into it "I'll go and let my Alpha know you've woken up. He might come and see you" the girl chirped before she basically skipped out of the bathroom. Lucy than wandered down stairs to her Alpha's office and knocked on the door before she opened it and looked at her Alpha.

"The girl who was found on the porch is awake! I've helped into a bath, she might be there for a little while and I let her know that you might stop in to see her" Lucy chirped happily at her Alpha before she wandered back out of the office. Ray laid in the bath trying to ignore the stinging which came from the bites and cuts on her body touching the water, closing her eyes Ray let herself soak in the bath as she heard someone walking into the bedroom; sniffing at the air a little she caught a males scent and she opened her tired eyes "Are you the Alpha?" she called out softly from the bath.
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Lost Soul//m/m open
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