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 Everything's changed (open m/m)

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PostSubject: Everything's changed (open m/m)   Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:01 pm

It had been eighty-five years since Nina had been placed in stasis. One year since she had been taken out of it, she had had the rude shock of finding out how much the world had changed. Yes there was still a ruling government, wars were fought everywhere and poverty was still in full force but to Nina the place looked like someone had dumped her into the middle of a Mad Max movie without telling her about it. Even though this new world she found herself in was confusing and strange at times it was also very interesting. But today was the most interesting day for her. The people who had taken her out of stasis because they needed more fighters were taking someone else out, someone who had been put in stasis a month before she had been.

That was how she now found herself sitting in a bathroom in a hospital on the outskirts of the city, in a large bathtub in the middle of the room was an unconscious man. Nina could easily admit he was handsome and she knew that back in the day he would have been someone she would have fallen into bed with if he even just grinned at her, sighing softly she leaned back in the chair she had been given and kicked her booted feet up onto the edge of the tub. It had been two hours since they had brought him out of stasis and an hour since his vitals had stabled and they had placed him in the bath. Leaning her head backwards Nina stared at the ceiling in boredom, they had decided that he should have someone to wake up to, someone who was from his time. They hadn't done anything like that for Nina as she was one of the first people to come out of stasis and it hadn't been a pleasurable experience waking up in a bathtub in the middle of a hospital room god knows where.

Hearing movement from the bathtub Nina sat up and leaned forwards, "Hey" she said gently as she reached out and touched the mans face lightly before she moved her hand to his neck first checking on his pulse before she stroked her fingers along his jaw line a little. "Just relax, you're fine. My name is Nina" she continued to speak softly to him waiting for him to open his eyes, with two others she had helped bring out of stasis Nina had found that talking gently to them until they woke up completely helped them ease into the confusion of waking up after being under for eighty-five years. Resting one of her elbows on the edge of the bath comfortably Nina took her hand away from his neck as she continued to watch him, seeing his eyes start to open and Nina braced herself for him to begin to freak out about waking up. The last person who had come out of stasis before this name had tried to strangle her and Nina hoped this man wasn't going to do that to her as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Everything's changed (open m/m)   Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:30 pm

"...fine, my name is Nina." A voice echoed and something brushed against his skin. Damon stirred, limbs raising reflexively when his body sunk under water. Where was he? Some kind of tub. He gripped the rim of the tub and pulled himself up and over. His legs were jelly, feet slipped across wet tile and he wound up lying flat on the floor. There was someone else here too. A woman.

"What is this place?" His voice came out rough and dry. He swallowed. Every muscle throbbed in pain, especially his head. The ceiling above was too bright, he squinted against the harsh light. Raising his arm, he stared at his skin, then his hand, turned it over, he was alive.

With a groan, he sat up and, no wonder he was freezing—what happened to his clothes? Shit. Damon looked around the room, aside from a towel draped over a chair this space was bare and smelled like bleach. He reached for the towel and pushed to stand, he used the back of the chair to keep steady. Then wrapped the towel around his hips. He glanced up, Nina, right? "Nina, where am I?"


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Everything's changed (open m/m)
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