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PostSubject: FINDING PLOTS IN ROLEPLAYS   Tue Mar 24, 2015 8:45 pm

Finding Plots in Roleplays

Another tumblr gold find~  here are a few simple tips and approaches on how to find plots. This isn't a list rather the tools on how to come up with interesting ones that hopefully aren’t the typical “bumping into each other” scenario. Angelique's add: For those of us who'd like a further extension of this through fic writing there's the similar site [★] just thought I'd point that out. Enjoy~

First of all, being in a role play requires you to seize the initiative!! I’m sure there’s already dozens of rants but I can not emphasize it enough. Directly message other players and talk it out. Preferably with already a rough idea in mind. Those don’t have to be the ultimate master plan for a groundbreaking plot; a small idea or a simple twist can be enough. Give your possible partner something to work with.

Note that this is not the ultimate way to go about plotting and role playing but simply an optional preference; do what works for you.

So how do you go about plotting?

I’m sure everyone has their own methods and preferences. (I know there’s people who prefer to not plot at all and simply “go with the flow” without spoiling themselves about the other character’s deepest thoughts beforehand which is just as fine.) But it’s all about using your imagination and a few tricks can help to spark yours.

A very important thing are goals. Where do you want to go with your character? Is there an endgame? What are your character’s goals? Do they have any?

Having their goal in mind, think about how you’re going to reach it, which road do you want to take? What plots could help you to reach it - What is your character’s approach on accomplishing their goals? Try to roughly figure out a their personal story-line.
It is also helpful to know about the other characters in the role play as they are the characters whom you build upon the path towards your main goal. It’s this knowledge that can help you to find possible plot partners. Note, however, that not everything evolves around your character, other players have their plots as well so build a path with them.

Which gets us to the next point: I strongly advise that you always have a link to your biography on your character’s page for quick access. Biographies will help you find similarities and differences between your characters as well as basic information such as their occupation. Maybe they can help each other on their journey, give support or be the enemies etc.

History: If the role play, for example, is set in a small town it’s rather unrealistic for your character not to know at least a few people. Remember your characters came a certain way up onto the point where they are now and all have their own, long history which makes them a person, makes them who they are. Try to build a connection with other characters. Maybe they were childhood friends, partners in crime, went on an adventure together, put obstacles in your character’s way or maybe even saved their life. Everyone they meet can have an impact on your character’s life.

Current Plots:
There is always other plots going on between different characters though most people hardly have the time to read about everything going on on the dash, hence they won’t necessarily know about it.

What I always find a good thing to have is a separate page on your account to keep track of your paras and personal main-plot (I’m still not very familiar with gifchats so I’ll leave them out for now but I believe you could simply add them in the timeline as well). Not only does it help you to not get lost with what you’ve written so far but other players as well. They can easily catch up with your character’s main plot and possibly add to the plots.

I always organize those pages as a sort of timeline but you can also sort them character. Give a short summary of each para/history with a character to provide a quick overview. Whichever works best for you. Example: [X].

Also, be open to involve other players in your plots or think about how you could get involve new members to integrate them into the role play.

Sometimes, to spark your imagination, it simply helps to bounce ideas off of others or seek inspiration in books, music, life etc. Talk to the partner’s you’d like to plot with and don’t be afraid. Even if it may take a while, I’m sure you’ll be able to find an idea to build upon. Also, don’t be discouraged if someone turns you down. They just might have enough paras going on already. Not everyone is able to manage a dozen paras at once.
And if after all, you still have trouble or need help, message the admin(s)! I’m certain you’ll be able to figure out something together. But at least try to make an effort first.

Ultimately, everyone has to find their own way and figure out which works best for them and brings the most fun. There’s no one who can tell you what to do as there is no right or wrong but I’m hoping I could give you a few tips and suggestions what I’ve found to work for me.

—Aaren (tumblr)


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