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PostSubject: ON WRITING THE STARTER POST   Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:55 pm

[So here we are with another helpful post (straight from tumblr) on the famous Starter or the Introductory (intro) post that sets up the beginning to every Role Play. They helped me out and I'm sure it'll so the same for you. Enjoy~]

Introduce the environment
The environment is just as important a character as the character you’re playing. Make sure you introduce the surroundings that you and your partner’s character is going to start in. Are they in a city? Is it bustling or quiet? Is it a miserably hot, sunny Wednesday or is it cool and raining steadily? What are some noticeable sounds that your character hears?

Introduce your character—but not all of them
Give a brief introduction of them. Some of the clothes that they are wearing, but not all of their attire. Maybe mention that their hair is blonde or black, but don’t mention their eye color until later. Giving away all of your character in one starting post doesn’t leave much for you to describe later on, leaving your partner knowing too much too quickly. Keep it interesting by giving them ‘peeks’ of your character that you can elaborate on in later posts.

Play on the 5 senses
Don’t over do it, but it makes everything interactive and gives more of a feel of the surroundings and what the character is involved with at the time. The smell of coffee, the sound of windchimes, the cold chills from the cool wind, the foggy look of the road from the rain, etc. This relates to introducing the environment, but it’s an important aspect of roleplay in general.

This is so important. And what I mean by this is make things replyable for your partner. If you put loads amount of fluff that your partner cannot reply to, it’ll make things harder down the line. I talked about this in this post [here] and I think it’s super important for people to get a hold of, and a starter is a great place to get this sort of thing started.
Introduce the plot, even if it’s subtle.

It could just be the inner monologue of a character thinking about something that could be the catalyst for the plot itself to begin. They could simply look at a watch or piece of jewelry that is a very important piece in the plot to come. Getting it started is important and, of course, doing it in the first post is a great way to get things going!

I hope this gives you an idea. Just do as you feel comfortable, but this list should be helpful for things you should keep in mind as you’re writing.
Hope this helps!


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