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 Crime's Daughter [Open/Accepting]

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Crime's Daughter [Open/Accepting] Empty
PostSubject: Crime's Daughter [Open/Accepting]   Crime's Daughter [Open/Accepting] EmptyFri May 23, 2014 10:56 pm

Crime's Daughter [Open/Accepting] Kayla

Life in the underground was never glamorous. At least that’s what society wanted you to think. Natayla knew better for that was the life she had always lived. Being the daughter of a large mafia family meant that she had always lived her life in the shadowy underbelly of the city that most people had never seen before, and if they had it was just in a passing glimpse. People didn’t live in the shadows of the city. Father had always told her only the Borowski Family could truly thrive in the shadows in the city and she saw no reason to ever doubt him. After all, they were the richest crime family in the entire city and she was the most beautiful and desirable daughter of the boss of that family, Demetri Borowksi.

Natayla was young but she was not naïve as she sat in her Father’s large casino sipping pinot grigio as she watched people win and lose large sums of money. Mostly lose as the odds were stacked mainly in the house’s favor. Enough won that people always came back with dreams of winning it big, but inevitably they lost every last dime. As long as the pinot kept flowing it all worked out for Natayla. This was Father's business after all, and when she married it would end up becoming her husbands, and the pinot would keep on flowing.

That was all she had to look forward to her life after all. Just the same as her mother had had. All the money, jewels, and clothes she could ever ask for, but no real freedom. What Natayla would give if she could be free of that future. Her mother had been miserable her entire life all the way up until her death. And that was the future she could look forward to. A rich husband ruled by her father, groomed to take over the family business, to run the crime syndicate, and when daddy died he would remain to continue his rule over her. All while she played the dutiful trophy wife spitting out kids to continue the Borowski family line, all while sipping her wine.

After all, she thought while the people played their cards and pulled their slot machines, there is always the wine.
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Crime's Daughter [Open/Accepting]
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