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 The Nyr'ai

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PostSubject: The Nyr'ai   The Nyr'ai EmptyMon Feb 24, 2014 10:35 pm

Name: Nyr'ai
Type: Humanoid'esque
Size: Variable
General Description:  Empiracle, Super intelligent, bio-genetic engineers, teachers, world makers, protectors....trapped, gone?
The Nyr'ai Gallery_Image_8309 
A world beautiful and lush, 4x's the size of Earth, and equally older, named "Hono'ris Causa" or "For the sake of honor".
The Nyr'ai Milky-way-earth-location-580x474
Located, in the Carina-Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy near the galactic core.  The gravitational fluxes in the spacial region, were conducive in forcefully evolving the Nyr'ai faster than any other race as the effects of time change in different areas of space.  For this factor, the first 7 generations of Nyr'ai were born naturally immortal, the generations to follow inherited a genetic the technology of the Nyr'ai is organically based. However they were not granted the same gift as the "First-7", no immortallity or equal intelligence a rift began to grow between the older and younger generations.
Alignment: Typical(or rather average) alignment of the race if any
Home Lands: The Nyr'ai Beam_towers_by_tommm9
Language: Typical languages they might start off with, though naturally English might as well be an given unless stated otherwise, along with their native tongue. If they have any.
Personality: Each generation is different, once I come up with tghose differences they be posted here.
Physical Description: They look humanoid, average height for an F-7 male can be 7'2"; female 6'4".  Later generational males 6'2"; females 5'9".  1-3 Generations have 4 digits per hand, every gen after have 5.  2 eyes, 2 ears, hair for both genders.  1st gens have 4 arms and 2 legs, all other gens have 2 each.
Life-Span: The original 7 generations or "First-7" are immortal, the generations after not so much.
Name: The culture of the Nyr'ai would be closer to Earth's Egyptian, Mayan, and Toltecs.  (No name on the cultural themes just yet)
Relations: The Nyr'ai are welcoming to other races, as teachers and older than any other race they enjoy helping younger species they come across to learn and grow, becoming part of the Nyr'ai Empire.  Although technology is hardly ever shared to outside races, those who join the empire are the basic fundamentals of organic engineering.  Intruders attacking any Colonial world is dealt with swiftly.
Natural Power Set: The Nyr'ai are genetic engineers and have developed thousands of different forms of travel, with living ships.  Cities made of living buildings, and the pinnacle of their armory bio-organic living armor: The Nyr'ai SPLICERS_Swarmlord_Madness_by_madjaguar
Status: Open or closed. Are they open to anyone, or closed just to you?
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The Nyr'ai
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