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 ~Animagic's Adoptable Characters

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PostSubject: ~Animagic's Adoptable Characters   Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:10 pm

Adoptable Characters

Below posts will be all the available adoptable characters created
by the staff of the site! If any catch your interest, please follow below link create
a new post. Please specify the character name & gender to place your request
to purchase:

If you would like to put your own original character up for sale, you can
do so with below link! Your character sale request must be approved by a
manager before you can offer it for sale on Animunny Shop.

Please use the original bio format for your adoptable character
requests. You can find the format here:

Have any additional questions? Don't be shy!
Ask us managers anything (within reason lol) and we will be more
than happy to help! You can post your question/concern/etc. at
the below link:



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~Animagic's Adoptable Characters
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