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 Capturing an alpha [open/maybe mature]

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PostSubject: Capturing an alpha [open/maybe mature]   Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:50 am

Werewolves had ruined her life when she had been a child, they had killed her family but had left her alone and Janie didn't know why. When The Council had come to get rid of the evidence of the werewolf attack they saw a small girl who was still alive and took her in, one of the higher up Council members raised her and taught her to hate everything that was different from humans. Vampires, shifters, and anything in-between Janie hunted them and she grew to enjoy hunting as she grew up.

Janie was a good hunter, in fact she was one of the best. She worked for an organisation that supernatural creatures knew as The Council, tonight she was hunting some werewolves and was interested in what one she would manage to capture. She had set up several traps during the day and was slowly making her way around checking them seeing if there was any werewolves in them, sighing softly Janie ran a hand through her hair a little before she caught sight of a werewolf stuck under one of the net traps she had set up. Grinning a little she walked towards it, "Well, looks like I caught something good" she said with a laugh as she crouched down a little and looked at the werewolf. Glancing around she caught glimpses of other wolves moving around and could hear them growling softly, "Oh, I take it that you're their alpha. The Council will be very impressed" Janie said with a grin she was very happy with what she had caught and she knew they other wolves wouldn't attack her unless their alpha told them to.
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Capturing an alpha [open/maybe mature]
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