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 A Fire Within

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PostSubject: A Fire Within   Sat Nov 16, 2013 4:43 pm

Tenkuu was bored. Bored of the life that she had been living, walking around with no one to talk to. She thrived on human interaction, and she was very lacking in that department lately. Business was slow at her grandmother’s tea shop, and she could only hold so much of a conversation with her sweet old grandmother who thought she was a perfect angel.

Yeah, Grammy. I stopped being an angel about the time I hit puberty.

As she walked through the tall grass outside the town, she looked from side to side. She did this out of habit now. It was starting to get chilly out, so she pulled her scarf closer to her neck. Pulling her long glossy copper hair to one side, she huffed rather impatiently. True, she was probably safe to transform now. No one ever came this far out into the grass as she did. But she didn't like being so exposed when she was transforming. There were a select few people that knew about her ability to transform, and she didn't particularly enjoy the idea of anyone seeing her transform into her animal spirit form unless she gave them the option of seeing it. She wanted to get into a bit more wooded area before she transformed into the grander version of herself. As she stalked into the woods, she felt the familiar tingle begin to run down her spine. It was a feeling of fur running along her bare skin, which is what it was...sort of. The fur was actually coming out of her skin more than running along it. It always started along her spine, running from the base of her skull down to her tailbone. Then came the fur sprouting on the outsides of her forearms. She looked down as the thick white fur grew from her arms, starting at her wrists and working its way up her arm slowly to her shoulders. As the fur continued spreading, Ten hurried to remove her clothing. She had transformed before without removing them, and got really irritated when her body shifting its form had torn a brand new outfit to shreds before her eyes. So now, she was always careful to get out of her clothes first. She laid her clothes down and spread out her arms, reveling in the feeling of fur sprouting all over her body and her muscles growing. She felt the fur tail sprout and fall between her bare legs. Her body finished its transformation into her fox form with her face elongating into a snout and covering with fur. In a final burst of fur, her body was fully transformed into her fox form. In her spirit animal form, she was menacing...but beautiful. She stretched out her enormous body among the trees as she tensed her body to run. From standing still position, she took off like a bullet, careening through the trees like a white furry bullet. She didn't even stop to think if there was anyone else around in the woods, it was just her feet hitting the ground in rapid succession.
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PostSubject: Re: A Fire Within   Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:56 pm

Messing about in the woods, Mason and Destiny were simply trying to stay out of trouble, which was often easier said than done for a witch and a warlock for the most part. The two cousins were so bored with exploring the old town that they spent most of the afternoon in a clearing in the expansive woods. They had done everything from creating an ice rink and playing hockey with Mason's ice elemental magic to doing little tricks with Destiny's fire wielding magic, something that nearly resulted in Mason's hair catching on fire.

The two teenagers currently were engaged in two different activities at the moment. Destiny found a nice, comfy branch to curl up and read her suspense novel, and Mason, well he was currently "Ice-Sculpting" making a stunning representation of a wolf howling up at the moon, this however, didn't impress Destiny, who quickly frowned and rolled her eyes as Mason started bragging about it.

"You know that's not how they really do that right? You really just cheated and didn't use any skill at all..." Destiny muttered before chanting a few words lowly and shooting a small blast of flames at the ice wolf, melting it quickly.

"Are you serious Diz?!? Why the hell would you do that? I had to perfect that to get it just right!!" Mason yelled, looking deflated and frustrated as his beautiful sculpture was now a puddle of water on the ground. "I had to get everything right on it, that was terrible of you Dizzy, dangit..." He muttered, tossing a pebble up at her jokingly.

"Meh, you'll get over it..." Destiny muttered, dodging the small rock chucked at her. "Maybe you'll find something more useful to do with your powers, instead of wasting it on nonsense..." She said lowly, while flipping a page. Something caused her to put the book down for a moment however, a small sound within the woods, leaves rustling, a twig breaking... a white flash?

"Mason, something's out there!" Destiny called down to her cousin, who was now looking through his backpack.

"You're seeing things..." Mason answered, rolling his eyes as he now pulled out a bottle of water, taking a drink. "Someone's being a scaredy cat..." He added with a laugh, before zipping up the backpack and looking about himself. "I see nothing but trees and forest...that's it."

Destiny sat straight up and continued to scan around, feeling confident that they weren't alone in the woods, while Mason waved her off and tried to find something else to entertain himself with.
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A Fire Within
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