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 Member of the Month of October!!!

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PostSubject: Member of the Month of October!!!   Mon Oct 07, 2013 2:59 pm

Member of the Month Jacob's Ladder!


You have been selected to be the MOTM of:


You have been given this honor because you are incredibly active,
friendly, and you are an outstanding role model for all other members
here to follow!

Jacob's Ladder, what more is there to say? You're incredibly active,
and as I mentioned before one of the top artists of this forum! You participate in all
the little, meaningless, fun, awesome chat threads we have throughout the site,
which really has a positive effect on the atmosphere of this place. You're friendly,
talkative, and you really bring personality to this site--which I LOVE! <3

BTW, your drawings are always beyond incredible, and I LOVE how you take time
out of your day to share so many of them with us. =) Thank you SO much for
that, it is appreciated beyond words.

As a reward, you'll have this honorable mention up for the entire
month of May, as well as a forever place on our Member of the
Month Hall of Fame. Also, I will award you $500 worth of Animunny,
which you can use once I open up the Animagic Marketplace.

ALSO! You may make one request, (abiding by the rules,
of course!) which if you're lucky I'll grant. =P

Anyhoo~thank you again SO SO much. The entire staff of
Animagic, as well as all members on the site, appreciate it greatly. ^^

Undefeatable, untouchable, with no regrets!

Lady Snail, daughter to Lord of Wintershell, Protector of the Garden Wall, Master of Slime.

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Jacob's Ladder
Otakushin Ronin

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Location : Between the dreaming & the coming true
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Registration date : 2012-03-07

PostSubject: Re: Member of the Month of October!!!   Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:54 pm

Oohh....WHOA *falls out of chair*affraid!!! ❤Dod Ganm that's HOT!! Can I just eat cake off her?I love you  *mega blush*. I walked into a wall at work while reading this.  *ouch*. I don't know what to say...but I feel that it could have been someone else easily.  I'm just really flattered..and you make it easy to reply and have fun....(sometimes) lol.  It's fun being here.  You really went out of your way...why...where did you find that pic?  I still feel like I really don't deserve it.

It takes more than 1 person to make a forum a fun place to be, I'm only trying to make it that kind of place.  Even if it means embarrassing the hell outta myself in RP.  

As fer mah wiiiiish....rules were made to be broken.  Lmao!!  I'll give it some thought.
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Member of the Month of October!!!
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