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 REDGRAVE | The Divide

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PostSubject: REDGRAVE | The Divide   Fri May 10, 2013 9:05 pm


Earth. It's the single planet humans can inhabit safely, also the only world
that has been maintained as the structure that holds a separate realm, called
FAEXiL. Obviously it's not seen, it is hidden from our eyes within the veils of
dimensions, it's an invisible wall that separates our plane from the plane of all existing
supernatural creatures ever known to man. Only accessible through terms of magics,
and a portal that connects this world to the next. Occasionally, it's opened, but not f
rom our side, but the other side, and those that cross illegally, usually the Dark Fae,
cause nothing more but havoc and destruction, not to mention many casualties.
In attempting to right the wrong, the good Fae a.k.a. the Light Fae attempt
to mesmerize us into forgetting what had caused the terrible frights we weren't meant
to see, and salvage whatever they can to make our suffering a little lighter -however,
when fragments remain in our dreams it is where the popular books, TV shows, movies,
games and other media showcase the fantastical conceptions of magical beings and races,
and things that are deemed fantasy is born.

However, we all live with the strong convictions implanted into our minds that these are
all just imaginative ideas, structured by bizarre dreams and wishes and the yearning for
something beyond what we see as normal, and sometimes a bit dull. The Fae we wish were
real actually walk among us still, just not as obvious as they used to be for, well, very good
reason. A hunter, named Redgrave, known in Faexil for his prowess in his skill and appointed by
the Queen of that realm, was to remain on our side and protect the innocents from the Dark Fae's
evil intentions. Though getting back into the game after a couple of years in hiatus will prove
harder for him than anything, which is why he'd enlisted the help of a Witch Huntress known
as Kana Warfang.

Warfang has been after the Dark Fae, more specifically the witches that have been kidnapping
people for their supposed "sacrifices" and disrupting the natural order of the world—even if they
believe that they aren't. However with the growing transitions of other unnatural creatures
cropping up in town, she could use a few new tricks, which would make Redgrave the perfect mentor.

This is their story.

Chance Harbor, Washington

Looking up into the bruised grey clouds, Redgrave sighed as he took in the sights and the that
accompanied the early morning of a warm September season. He'd been hailed to the spot most
strongest with supernatural vibes for two reasons:

1.) The destruction caused by whatever threat is becoming too coincidental to be what the
authorities believe are "wolf" attacks and
2.) There must be more than one bad guy working here, for people have been reported missing.
More like vanished really.

Redgrave knew that Werewolves didn't usually take their lunch with them and go off on
hiking trips, they devoured whatever was in front of them and left behind scraps of meat and
clothes. So he had to rule out that the monsters were working solo. Someone was leading the
pack, someone in big trouble.

Turning, the hunter brought his sights to search for his new Witch huntress partner Warfang.
He'd met her on a previous case involving the difficult-to-kill Trolls a week ago. She'd wanted
him to show her the ropes to better expand her hunting skills, and what better way to continue
the lesson by inviting her to join him on a new hunt? She'd learn about the many different types
of monsters that existed and how to kill them, what fun! Earlier, more like at the crack of dawn,
he'd texted her a reminder to meet him here at the spot. She wanted to know about the supernatural,
he was going to show her all. The Other Side. Though the Queen wouldn't agree with him on
revealing the secret plane among Earth, he felt like he could trust her, why not? She was a
hunter too, she knew already what he was dealing with and besides, that's where he mostly
frequented on his cases. Also, well, it's not like he could do 'this' by himself. He had already tried
that once after his last epic partner, Rel Sellas had been killed in their last mission. Needless to
say it never really ended well, he nearly got himself killed on two occasions for neglecting
important safety precautions -like forgetting to keep extra ammo, and incorrectly chanting
Latin spells to ward off evil, making the situations worse. For a couple of years, he'd given up
hunting, being a vampire now was even worse for him, another roller-coaster of emotions, crap,
and his insatiable hungers he had to constantly deal with.

But according to him, he's all better.

"It's passed nine, are you sure she hasn't ditched you?" Asked Rel Sellas, she had suddenly appeared
behind him, as was her customary entrance every time she manifested her spirit.

Gritting his teeth and trying to hide his heart attack, the hunter glanced back to see the ex-huntress
standing there. Of course in the same outfit she'd died in those two-years ago: red and black plaid
shirt, jeans, boots and a leather jacket, the simple stuff. Her hair was left out, curling about her
shoulders like a dark halo, she was a bit pale as ghosts were, but not at all transparent as they're
portrayed in movies and shows. She appeared almost as if she were alive, as tangible as ever. But
he knew she wasn't, and her being here when he was trying so hard to move on, wasn't making
the transition any easier. Like opening a wound.

"Sellas, I'm on a case right now, I don't have time for chit chat." Redgrave hissed, his eyes flashing
at her lethal daggers that would've made her laugh had she the humor for it now. Though dying does
take away much of the joy you had when you were alive really. It was to be expected.

Sellas looked around, then pulled her shoulders up and dropped them just as quickly, "Are you sure
Redgrave, because I don't see any monsters around, or any people needing rescue," she returned
her dark eyes on him, a smile playing at her rosebud lips, "so I'd say you're not."

Redgrave shook his head sharply, his attention watching out for Warfang, she wasn't aware of his
haunting problem yet and since she was pretty new at this, he did not want her to find out any
time soon. The having to explain it all would surely ruin his already downer day. "Get out of here,
I'll call you when I need you."

The ghost snorted, "Like you ever do." As if to say, don't make me laugh.

Redgrave sighed heavily, he could feel his thirst for blood making his throat ache, his struggle against
his vampire side a constant battle everyday. He hadn't slept much last night, feeling more active,
because of his nocturnal being, than in the morning. This was another secret his Witch partner had
yet to discover, he hoped that she never would. Lest he loose another potential partner. Let's just
say some things were better kept in the dark.

"Sellas, I don't need this crap right now."

The air pulsed with static, whistling with his heightened auras. He needed to relax, or the power
would get to him, he could feel it stronger now, this wasn't a good idea. Don't let her rent space
in your already full brain, keep her out.
He shut his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he thought of how
nice it would be if she were to disappear. After a brief moment of this, calm washed over him like a
tidal wave and when he opened his eyes again, now swimming the natural ocean blue he'd been born
with, his surroundings were filled with trees and the earthen ground once more.

He was alone.


❮"You know the difference between promises and memories? We break promises, where as memories break us."

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PostSubject: Re: REDGRAVE | The Divide   Fri May 17, 2013 10:16 am

Kana was already training before she was meant to meet Redgrave. She looked at her phone as it vibrated in her pocket. She couldn't help rolling her eyes. She grinned and didn't respond as she continued her training.

As the time neared to leave for the meeting she packed all her essential tools: a hand-sized stick that would grow to a full sized staff, daggers hidden all over her person, she packed a pistol on each thigh, she secured tons of extra, high capacity mags in her belt, and then her necklace. The necklace was her very reason for fighting. It had been her older brother's before he died....she shook her head as she clasped the silver clasp, moving the pendant so it was centered in the hollow of her throat.

She put on her black fingerless gloves,strapped her four swords to her belt, hidden under her duster, and then her steel toed boots as she walked out of her home and chanted softly: "custodi ea non agnosci ab ingressu." As she walked she tied her hair into a pony-tail and entered the forest, a short-cut to the harbor, she smelled something unfamiliar. She pretended to shake it off and jogged toward her destination.

She knew she was being followed and stopped in a clearing. "Who are you and what do you want?" She stood there with her arms crossed. A small pack of Draconic dog looking things came out at her. She had no idea what they were, but the snarling sounds they were making told her they were here to try and mess up her day. They numbered about six, and they all attacked simultaneously. They were surprisingly quick and she dodged all but one who managed to cut her arm with its' claws. It wasn't a terribly deep cut, but it was enough to bleed. She frowned and held her breath as she pulled out a vial and threw it to the ground. It fogged up the clearing and she dashed out, hearing the creatures howl in pain as the fog irritated their lungs and noses.

Now she was late, something she hated, and Redgrave might have left without her. So she ran quickly to the harbor, getting there about five minutes later than intended. "Sorry about that, met some obstacles along the way, miss me?" She asked with her traditional smile....something only one creature had ever seen her without and that creature was no longer in the realm of the living.

((hope that was ok.....I feel sub par right now Sad ))

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❩ Beauty of the Dark ❨

Number of posts : 477
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PostSubject: Re: REDGRAVE | The Divide   Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:47 am


Chance Harbor, Washington

"Heh, took you long enough."

Redgrave turned to the female as she approached within hailing
distance. At her words he rose a brow, then looked over her shoulder at
the pests that were catching up behind her. The hunter shook his head as
he walked passed her, he brandished his weapons, twin pistols in each
hand. "First lesson for you Warfang. Always clean up after yourself!"

Smirking devilishly he pushed off the ground, leaving a streak of
black in his wake as he aimed Solar Flare at one of the beasts
recovering from the noxious fumes, and pulled the trigger. Bullets
whizzed out. striking the creature dead center in the skull, shaterring
bone and brains within it. The corpse released a shriek as it
disentegrated to ashes. As for the next one, he shot at it with his
second pistol, Azure which shot equally potent bullets. These doused
in Holy Water finished off the remaining herd in no time.

Standing at a clearing, he put the guns away and returned to the lady.

"Imagine the horror those guys would bring to people if you'd let
them out of the forest. You can't treat these creatures with mercy,
they don't recognize it. Next time you see anything not human
strolling along you contain it and eliminate it. No questions asked.
Understood?" Redgrave told her, the halcyon temperament was
replaced by a more serious, mentor-like countenance that wasn't
of his nature, and which he displayed with right severity. The handling
of dark supernaturals wasn't easy nor should it be taken lightly.
These creatures were volatile and suceptable to attack anyone at all times.
She needed to understand that in order for him to instruct her on
how to survive out in the other realm.

Things could only get far more worse before they could improve. Of that
he was certain of.


❮"You know the difference between promises and memories? We break promises, where as memories break us."

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PostSubject: Re: REDGRAVE | The Divide   

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REDGRAVE | The Divide
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