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 Gods and Demons

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PostSubject: Gods and Demons   Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:02 am

Man, I had this written down somewhere lol

Anyway, this is the basic plot:

Centuries ago in the world of Sacrede, an experiment created a portal between worlds. The Credens had created a doorway through their world into Ecruze, the world of the humans. They found that the humans weren't too different from themselves although showing no sort of natural powers like theirs. They soon began traveling to this new world, amazing the humans with their powers of Dominion and being hailed as gods. The Credens rather enjoyed this and began declaring themselves as such, though keeping their benevolent nature with the humans. Soon the Rocada, monstrous beasts labeled demons, became aware of this portal and sought to enter the human world for their own purposes. A war broke out as the portal was being contested by the gods and monsters. In the end, the gods came out on top and a massive city was built over the portal and named the Great City. A society was built within the city with the powerful gods being known as Greaters and those with little or no powers known as Lessers. The Greaters felt it was their responsibility to rule and became an aristocratic house that held a semblance of order throughout the city and things seemed peaceful; another war was inevitable though. The gods created sentinels called angels to fend off the demons should they threaten again. Time went by and the angels grew frustrated with their lack of action as the demons mostly stayed clear of the area so a few of them decided it was their duty to wipe out the rest of the demons themselves and began hunting down and slaughtering them. This brought the demons right to the walls of the Great City and began the brutal skirmish that begins the story.

The war lasts for days until the gods decide that the damage is too much and to cut their losses and level the part of the city the fighting was happening in. One disagreed and pleaded to try and bring an end to things without killing innocents. He created an entirely separate world and cast the demons into it and the angels along with them by accident. Due to the battle and the god's actions, massive amounts of energy were pouring into the human world from Sacrede threatening to tear the world apart. After realizing this, he left to Ecruze to stop it. All he could do though was collect the energy into himself. He made his way into a long ruined city in the desertlands and constructed a barrier before condensing all of the energy and his powers into a single artifact and dying.

It wasn't over yet though. The artifact's presence in the world still caused some changes. Namely, people were beginning to develop the powers of the gods and these powers were drawing them to the artifact. At the same time, the angels and demons discovered that their new world was actually between Ecruze and Sacrede and it was still possible to get to the human world because of the artifact. The gods also discovered its existence and are now working to recover it and bring it back to Sacrede and fix the damage that has been done.

Gods- Very similar to human except for their power of Dominion. Dominion is like a 6th sense for them that lets them control the world around them in various ways depending on their power. It's actually warping reality to make it do what they want. Greaters have more powerful Dominion and rule the Great City while Lessers have little to no powers and are regarded as "commoners"

Demons- Inhuman creatures (although some are humanoid/can become humanoid) with various natural abilities and no Dominion. Currently residing in the Nexus (the between world).

Angels- Artificial Lessers created to combat demons. Can transform into powerful demonic states and carry special weapons that can be used in tandem with their limited Dominion. Currently residing in the Nexus and really pissed off at the gods.

Demis- Humans with Dominion from the artifact's power. All Demis can be traced back to families having significant contact with the Credens on their first arrival.

The Artifact- The artifact is a stone pillar that lies in the center of the ruined city of Rosel. The pillar is connected to the very fabric of Ecruze's reality, essentially having Dominon over literally everything. A Demi who can successfully connect to the artifact gains infinite knowledge and can "rewrite" reality as they see fit. Other beings with Dominion can sever this connection prematurely and leave the victim catatonic, insane, or dead depending on how long they were exposed.

So yeah, that's the long version of it, all races are playable too! Very Happy
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Gods and Demons
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