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 Swarley's Characters...Right?

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PostSubject: Swarley's Characters...Right?   Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:05 am

.:Name: Charlie D. Williams
.:Nickname: The Nightmare Man
.:Date of Birth:
.:Astrological Sign (Optional):

.:Species: Human
.:Gender: Male
.:Height: 5'11

.:Weight: 170
.:Eye Color: Black
.:Hair Color: Black
.:Dominant Hand: Right
.:Theme Song (Optional): "My World" By The Sick Puppies

.:Character Attire:
.:Alignment: Neutral
.:Martial Status: Single
.:Sexuality Preferance: Hetero

.:Occupation: Failing Musician

.::Likes: The Night sky, sky dreaming and sad music
.::Dislikes: the sun, it's the selfish star it hides the other
.::Love interest: none
.:Friends: few

.:Head: Full of thought
.:Upper Body: Green shirt
.:Waist: blet
.:Lower Body: pants
.:Footwear: shoes

.:Personality: Drull, Sarcastic, and Cynical

.:History: A normal life, nothing interesting happened as he grew up. His parents weren't bad people. "There were very sweet and i love them but i remember looking a door and wanting to run" were his words. At 19 after spending a year at home after high school. Charlie Ran, or actually walked away from home. A Huge search went out. He didn't even realise untill he got to California, and a man asked him if he was Charlie Williams. Charlie smiled and thought is this fame? turned out his parents were going insane from worry. so Charlie went home. but being recongized affected Charlie. He wanted every one to know his name, from the Old to Young. he wanted to influence the world. He decided to become an actor. after to lessons he decided to quit. He then thought I could be a Politicain, but having not went to college, thought NO CHANCE. His third choice which he thought should have been his first was Musician. He wrote music that was wretched. but when he sung the heavens sung. with a Great voice and a mediocre message Charlie William set out ....

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Number of posts : 4
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Registration date : 2009-03-20

PostSubject: Re: Swarley's Characters...Right?   Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:12 pm

Character Picture

.:General Character Info

.:Name: Gin X. Feng
.:Nickname: The Exorcist
.:Age: 20
.:Date of Birth: oct. 13
.:Astrological Sign (Optional):

.:Species: Human
.:Gender: Male
.:Height: 6'4

.:Weight: 205
.:Eye Color: Navy Blue
.:Hair Color: black
.:Dominant Hand: right
.:Theme Song (Optional): "New Transmission" By Lost Prophets

.Personal Character:

.:Character Attire:
.:Alignment: Doesn't Matter
.:Martial Status: Single
.:Sexuality Preferance: Straight

.:Occupation: none

.:Family: A Brother " Marco"
.::Likes: Simplicity, and fun
.::Dislikes: Work, and Those with special powers
.::Love interest: none

.:Upper Body:
.:Lower Body:

.:Personality: Tough, and Fun-loving.

Gin was born the first of two boys. Though he took it apon his self to defend his younger brother from bully's and such. it was unneeded, for Marco was born with the abililty to control fire. Gin was born with nothing, and seeing his brother gifted in many ways, hurt him. Gin would continue trying to portect his younger brother, much to the ire of his brother. Marco was never defeated in any battle.
Gin was constantly defeated in battle, he was dubbed the "Shit Prince". Marco was called, simply the 'King'. Gin worked harder than anyone in his circle of friends. though his brother was gifted he was still humble and treated his brother as an equal. Marco and Gin were good friends.
Because of Marco all of the friends had a special skill as well. Gin being the only without, he felt left out some times. So he trained his body to it's limits. he decided that he would be the king, the strongest of the fighters in the world.
After defeating many special fighters and matching his brother in battle, he got a new name "The Exorcist" The Strongest normal human. his handicap was gone...
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Swarley's Characters...Right?
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