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 Abidos Race Sheet

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PostSubject: Abidos Race Sheet   Abidos Race Sheet EmptyFri Feb 08, 2013 5:32 pm

Name: Abidos

Type: Demonic Curse Humanoid

Size: Size will vary on state and power. For example, an Abidos is always the normal size of a human ranging from 5' to 6' depending on age, but in Redline states they can change to a colossus size made of there element that can be anywhere from 80 to 90 feet tall and weighing variable on there elements respectively.

General Description: the Abidos are a race of elemental demonic cursed humanoids. Their origins are pretty much unknown to man or to themselves. They are a result of a balance of a human-like soul and a demonic curse inside of one body made up of the element they are from. These powers constantly fight inside and can only be balanced out by a contract. They are very powerful alone and even more dangerous in groups. Man has called them Angels, Demons, Gods, and Aliens over the years and has feared their strength for just as long. Some even going to genocidal means to eradicate them.

Origin: That is still unknown. Some say they are angels, some call them demons, but they are neither.

Alignment: Not very keen on the human race, but not all of them hate them. Depends on the Abidos.

Home Lands: They live on earth along with the humans, hiding among them in secret--well most of them are.

Language: They generally speak English but they can understand most, if not all, languages out there (depending on when the being was born).

Personality: Just like the human race, there is no set personality trait for any of the Abidos race

Physical Description: Abidos look human on the outside. You could walk past one on the street and not realize it. The only thing that sets them apart from the humans is many of them have different color eyes than a normal human would--brilliant hues and shades of color. This color is what the markings on their body glow in color. Many have to learn tricks to hide the markings on them, the markings changing depending on the Abidos. The markings will be explain more in the powers area of this post.

Life-Span: Immortal normally but can be killed by some means (in example, an fire one will drown in water easily) and human/abidos children live for as much as six thousand years or even longer. but they do have an end to there lifespan. Abidos need to consume souls around every thousand or so years to keep their bodies going, unless they are contracted. If contracted, they dont require souls to survive.

Names: Mostly human names. Some of them have otherworldly like names, but not many.

Relations: Generally they don't bother with the human race or their culture, this being only natural because they fear being discovered and killed.

Natural Power Set: Essentially they are two beings, a soul and the curse, which are in a constant struggle for power. The curse is the more demonic and darker side, while the soul is the more human-like side. A contract helps balance this. An example of the stages of the curse are these.

Standard state: The markings can or can not be showing, all depending on if the Abidos can hide them or not. If shown, the markings are black dormant with no glow. In this form they can use many of there abilities. For example, the Intangibles can phase though things while the tangibles can shift.

Hekostate: An enraged state where the emotions of the soul highly effect the powers of them. Usually marked with glowing markings of a specific color, which is the color their eyes normally are. Much faster reflexes than before, and normally very easy to provoke.

Redline: The markings and the eyes turn red. In this state the human personality is being pushed aside and the rage of the curse is being shown. Much faster, more control and strength. Normally able to do what normally can't be done in standard form.

Blackline: Bloodthirsty, feral, brutal being. Dark red markings and full black eyes with glowing blood red orbs of light for pupils. Clawed hands, covered in an armor made of their element (or cloak of their element depending on element.) Has no human personality anymore and can't be reasoned with until they are calmed down once again, or dead. Being in this state for extended periods of time will kill an Abidos.
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Abidos Race Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Re: Abidos Race Sheet   Abidos Race Sheet EmptyFri Feb 08, 2013 6:26 pm

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Lady Snail, daughter to Lord of Wintershell, Protector of the Garden Wall, Master of Slime.

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Abidos Race Sheet
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