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 Luner's Characters xD

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PostSubject: Luner's Characters xD   Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:43 pm

.:General Character Info

.:Name: Alios
.:Nickname: none
.:Age: unknown
.:Date of Birth: unknown
.:Astrological Sign (Optional):

.:Species: vampire
.:Gender: male
.:Height: 5 ft 9"

.:Weight: 130 lbs
.:Eye Color: crimson, but usually a crystal hypnotising blue
.:Hair Color: silver
.:Dominant Hand: is ampadextrious
.:Theme Song (Optional): "" By

.Personal Character: is usually a jerk, but is sweet when it counts

.:Character Attire: casual
.:Alignment: good
.:Martial Status: single
.:Sexuality Preferance: female

.:Occupation: wonderer

.:Family: none
.::Likes: chocolate
.::Dislikes: blood packets
.::Love interest: none
.:Friends: none at the moment

.:Head: small earring in his left ear
.:Upper Body: jacket with black undershirt
.:Lower Body: black pants
.:Footwear: black shoes

.:Personality: easily angered, compassionate, sorrowful

.:History: woke up in a graveyard as a vampire and can't remember anything else

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Luner's Characters xD
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