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 .:Love Is A Losing Game:. (Private For AnEmperor)

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PostSubject: .:Love Is A Losing Game:. (Private For AnEmperor)   Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:13 pm

.:For you I was aflame:.
.:Love is a losing game:.

The cold ache in my wrists could not rival the ache in my heart as I looked out across the
the field before me. Pairs of eyes scowling at me, crying for me, frightened by me,
avoiding me--pairs of eyes that belonged to those I considered my sisters. Pain seared
through my arms and back, the chains chafing and ravaging my skin as I shifted my weight
uncomfortably. I turned my gaze to meet that of my best friend's, the one that had shattered
my trust and had me arrested. She was the reason I was being put to death, the reason
the love of my life was no more, the reason I could no longer feel the warmth of his breath
and skin. Upon noticing my face she quickly cast her eyes downward, unable to stand the
hurt and confusion so evident in my eyes.

"Sisters! Look upon this wretch of a woman. She is clearly not one of us," a shrill voice cut
the air, and I winced slightly. Ophine, a fellow High Priestess, was known for her harshness
and difficult personality. Though she was well respected for her seniority within our Temple,
it was mostly out of fear that many followed her.

"She has chosen the heart of a demon over her own family, against her dear sisters! This
traitor has plotted against us by helping the monster destroy our village and take the
souls of those he pleases!"

Some in the crowd shouted curses and profanities, some threw rotten vegetables and rocks--
anything they could get their hands on, and I winced as they pelted my vulnerable skin. Many,
however, remained quiet. Maybe they were in as much shock as I was, or maybe they felt
ashamed for not standing up for me. While many followed Ophine blindly, those who were not
close-minded sheep knew I would never turn against my own.

"We have all lost family members, livestock, and homes to this harpie. We should not feel shame
for she did not feel shame when she aided in our defeat! We have lost, and now she shall feel that
same loss..."

It was then the high priestess held up a dark, swirling orb, and at that very moment my breath
seized and chest seared--as if a dagger had been thrust straight into my heart. I knew what
was about to take place, and I could not contain the blood curdling scream that leapt from the
depths of my body and escaped through my trembling lips. It was a scream that induced a
laughter so cruel my figure stiffened, my eyes burned and my throat caught fire.
Is this what hatred felt like?

"STOP IT, OPHINE!!" I shrieked, and I watched in horror as she grinned, letting the orb fall
from her long, bony fingers...It was then I made a decision with such haste, I gave no thought
to how devastating it would be to my future and present way of life.

As I watched the orb shatter, I let out another crushing scream--only to have my voice
catch abruptly in my throat. Upon impact the dark energy within lurched toward me, and
as I watched my love's soul teeter on the verge of oblivion I swallowed the lump of fear
in my throat. I knew what needed to be done...Immediately I parted my lips, allowing the now
crimson streams of energy to jump straight down my throat and through my feeble body.
Instantaneously I felt a rush of power I'd never experienced before, such a dark and
frightening force that I forced a scream against it, only to be met in response with a
jolt of electricity that paralyzed me from limb to limb. I squeezed my eyes shut and screamed
once again, the sparks beneath my skin growing stronger and stronger, attacking my core
and leaving me gasping for breath. I tugged frantically at the chains that bound me, and to
my surprise they broke easily--causing me to open my eyes in surprise as I almost fell
backward. I cringed and partly closed my eyes, unable to withstand the searing pain behind
my sockets. The world around me was drenched in crimson, and I found it hard to see as
I effortlessly shattered the cuffs around my wrists. What power was this, one that both burned
and excited me so? I felt another burst of fire rise within me, this time lessening the intensity
of my new affliction and leaving me with an insatiable urge that both terrified and thrilled me.

I wanted blood.

I widened my eyes, laughing as my once scorching orbs were now ablaze with rage and desire.
My lips curved upward into a large grin, and I forced out another scream--a scream that was
now accompanied by a blanket of fire that caught upon everyone and everything around me.
The melody of shrieks, the chorus of pain and suffering--it was what they deserved. It was what
they ALL deserved...

I stood in the center of the flames, smiling as they licked and tickled at my bare skin, and I
scanned my surroundings carefully. Slaughtered bodies littered the floor, pools of blood and
ashes decorated the scorched ground, and figures twitched and wailed as they slowly drifted
into the arms of death. A strange cackle erupted from my throat, one that frightened even
myself, and I took a step backward. What had I done?

Suddenly another jolt of electricity shot through my glowing form--instantly bringing me
to my knees. I cringed and cried out, struggling to crawl through the flames and away from
the shrieking forms behind me. My chest convulsed, and my body retched with the agonizing
pain. I couldn't breathe...was it the smoke making me feel faint? I slowly pulled myself through
the smoking grass, my vision beginning to blur, and as I lifted my head upward I noticed a
figure standing above me. Some of the priestesses attending my execution had survived...
was this one of them about to end my life?

I struggled to lift myself up, but it only made my vision darken as I felt my cheek touch
the warm ground. So this was it? What a terrible way to go.

(( ))

.:Five story fire as you came:.
:Love is a losing game:.

Lady Snail, daughter to Lord of Wintershell, Protector of the Garden Wall, Master of Slime.

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PostSubject: Re: .:Love Is A Losing Game:. (Private For AnEmperor)   Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:39 am

I could feel the demonic energy seeping into my aged pores. The aura was strong to have traversed such a distance and still retain so much of its dark energy. Untainted hatred that fluctuated like a typhoon on the grande seas. It was impressive. It was beautiful. Enough to open these eyes of mine that have been closed to the world for so long.

I shifted in my throne. Moving my feet off the faded gold armrests to set them on the ground, I sat up straight. I dusted my shoulders and the dirty, khaki robe clothing my body. I peered up at the cloudy aurora sky. Color returned to my eyes. Breath blew the dust out of my nostrils and saliva moistened my parched lips. The dark energy made me feel alive.

I lowered my gaze to the space in front of me. To the crest on the ground illuminated by the clear, stained-glass skylight. For a moment, I reminisced. Images of what the space used to look like. Should look like. A beautiful palace reduced to ancient ruins. But time was short. The reverie would have to wait until later. The aura that had powered its way across dimensions was fading. I had to act now.

Extending my arm toward that space, I closed one eye to view the source and trained the other on the crest in front of me. In the realm where priestesses shunned men and demons alike, a particular woman lay upon the ground surrounded by fire. The heat caused me to gasp for cool air as my lips quickly dried again. The screams of burning maidens didn't faze me.

A figure blocked my view of the person of interest. She was bloodied, the right side of her robe scorched. A sword danced at her right side as she struggled to maintain a grip on the handle. She said in a cracked voice,"Coveting the demon and now harnessing its soul. You are the real monster..." She raised the sword.

I stopped her with what little power I could spare. Held her in place with magic, a dark, forbidden spell among her people. I grasped her soul with my ethereal hands and my demonic aura spread throughout her body. Not a result of my own will but its desire to reach the fallen woman. My aura sought her dark energy. A smile graced my lips as I felt closer to that source of pure power. My eyes livened as I distorted space.

The bloodied priestess crumbled to the earth like a statue of sand. And the grains made their way to the fallen woman, crawling over every inch of her body as if she'd fallen in an ant mound. From the earth she was created and to the earth she returned only to reappear moments later in front of me. Lying on the hard, sand-covered tiles, the light from the skylight vanished.
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.:Love Is A Losing Game:. (Private For AnEmperor)
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