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 Live above these clouds:.

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PostSubject: Live above these clouds:.   Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:11 am

Up, up, & away:.

PREhistory:. Earth became inhabitable around 2037-- space programs and science leading to survival outside of Earth. Cryogenics technology drastically improved, as did world wide space programs. Making moving into outer space much easier, and safer then the Earth they were leaving behind. There were those left behind, though little to no contact has been made from Mother Earth that was left.. Raped of all her natural resources. Finding other life forms in space has been conflicting, but the peace treaty still holds- though not always abides by.... This is where the future of mankind.

Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beep. Warning, system shut down in ten minus minutes. Beeeeep, beeeep, beep. This is an emergency shut down. Beeeeep, beeeeep, beep. Lock down in sector eight.. twelve.. sixteen.. -fizzzzsh.....peeeeeeeeew.... Silence. The sound of the other alarms still sounded in the distance. An annoying repetitive noise.

A female body laying on the ground, without movement- though suddenly started violently coughing- turning to her side to grab her stomach as she hurled. She looked up at the man she knew who stood in front of the control computers for their craft, only seeing his back- her mind raced with idea's. She didn't have much time, or much of a chance-- her heart raced. She knew she was losing too much blood. "Traitor.." She moaned out, "You're a disgrace.." She covered her mouth as she continued to cough up blood. "This won't be the end.. I'll find you.." She coughed, only to look up to see him turn and smile at her. His boot in her face was the last thing she saw before everything went back.. Bastard.

Three months later.
Off the coast of an unknown location.

"Lumi." A man in a suit, older gentleman, approached her slowly from behind. She stood at the end of a cliff side, the ocean waves hitting harshly against the stones below. "Don't call me that, you know I can't just replace her.... I have my own name, my own identity!" She snapped, and then quickly brought her hand up to her mouth- regretting the words instantly. "I'm so sorry... Father I shall never speak to you like that again.. I know my place.." The man had a stern look on his face, clearly not liking the words coming from his daughter. "Good. You will find your rebellious spirit to be short lived. You better understand the role you play."

She bit her lip, "Yes father.. I understand.." She wanted to say more, so much more- but she had to think as a solider. Her whole life had been dedicated to military action, all to make her father give her approval. Since that is all she had, never knowing her mother. And her twin sister dying tragically after their station was under attack several months ago. It was just her and her father, she could feel the pressure building up inside of her. "Get back to the ship, it is not surely safe here.. These lands are unknown."

"I know... But it's been since I was a little girl since I've seen the sea-" She stopped herself, knowing it was pointless to speak back to this man, which seemed to be a problem of hers. "Ok, fine. Back to the ship.." She picked up her gun, and slung it over her shoulder and walked away- back towards the lights of their space craft.

Being a seventeen year old girl with an attitude she stomped up the steps into the craft- and without even noticing she slammed her shoulder into another man. "Watch where you-" She stopped, and felt like her brain just went retarded. "Oh- I'm sorry- bad night and I wasn't looking where I was at. I feel like such an idiot---- ahh.." She slapped her forehead lightly and ran her hair through her hair pulling it away from her face. He was stunning looking.

Open RP!! I'M BACK! Need someone to be this guy. Based in the future/space. Btw, they're bounty hunters as a family business and rarely add new crew members- which is this new dude. Have fuuuuuuun <3
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PostSubject: Re: Live above these clouds:.   Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:45 am

((let me know of anything you don't like...I'm a little rusty.....))

Kazuma, the new crew member, looked at his boss's daughter. He arched his eyebrow as he though, ^She's a bounty hunter? Guess you can't judge a book by it's cover....I mean look at me....^ "As a bounty hunter you should always be aware of your surroundings. He said as he looked down at her slightly as he was about six foot and still growing a bit. His light brown, almost reddish eyes gazed unblinking as his voice passed his lips in a smooth, even tone. "If it has been that bad of a day you should go do something that helps you unwind, or spar, or meditate...or whatever it is girls do when they've had a bad day." The part of the world he was from, guys and girls never met until they were considered fully matured and went through a certain test of passage. Needless to say he often said or did things that could be misinterpreted as sexist or even as if he were looking down on people. It wasn't the case at all, between his training and overall lack of experience in dealing with people he WASN'T going to kill, he was just clueless.

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Live above these clouds:.
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