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 MAXIMUM RIDE! (book talk)

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PostSubject: MAXIMUM RIDE! (book talk)   Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:57 am

So, I've been reading James Patterson's Maximum Ride, there's also a manga for it. And I'm soooo addicted to it! I wonder if there are any other fans out there let me know and join the fandom! I've even been following/receiving posts from Fang's Blog aww it's so cool! Obviously he's my favorite character, along with Max too...damn I love the entire flock! X3 I drew a sketch of Fang and Max, I'll be posting that soon here somewhere on the site I'll let you gguys know (along with other random drawings, I wish I could color though lol)

Yeah, just wanted to let you guys know in case no one knew this, that I love Max...I also love Witch&Wizard too I've read the first book recently (by the same author FYI) and it's great -not like Maximum Ride but it's good read. Hmm, should make this a "What Novel/Book Are You Reading Now?" thread lol. ^^ So let me know in your comments below, tell me what book you stay up half the night reading, the characters, the situation driving you nuts -I know that feeling. XD

Happy Reading! ^w^



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MAXIMUM RIDE! (book talk)
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