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 Pokemon: Final Evolution

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PostSubject: Pokemon: Final Evolution   Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:21 am

Professor Baobab, in an effort to demonstrate how humans should treat pokemon like people, created a solution, a "medicine", he called it, for human cruelty, that turned pokemon into humanoid versions. Like so:

He tried it on his Magicarp, Clara. After a night in pain, Clara woke up humanoid, with unmistakable Magicarp characteristics. She caught on to speech quickly. After showing her to the world, the people, at first shocked, slowly began to understand what he was trying to demonstrate.

Until Team Rocket 2.0, a gang with no connections to the previous one, but which wanted world domination in a way that the original could not accomplish, stole both Clara and the solution. Their scientists tweaked it into a disease, which is similar to it's original composition, but was now infectious. After Changing their own Pokemon, they began their campaign. Humans were unable to resist the Changed pokemon, most of which looked like young teens and children, as Team Rocket 2.0 had never seen the point of old pokemon. Trainors were too afraid to pit their own Pokemon against them. However, one pokemon, the most recently Changed, was still infectious, though Team Rocket 2.0 was not aware of this, and it infected a pokemon confiscated from a trainor. Its cage was meant to hold pokemon, not humans, and it escaped. Soon, many pokemon were infected.

10 Years later, Kanto and Johto are under Team Rocket's control (they dropped the 2.0), and Hoenn was in the process, as people began to fight back. However, they were too strong for humans or pokemon, even together, to fight. Their only enemies are the Changed who, while many like the Change, do not approve of the tyranny of Team Rocket, or the suffering of their human friends. Fortunately, most of them have been caught. Unfortunately, most is not all.

You are a Changed pokemon, trying to pass as a human, or hiding in the wild of Hoenn. Are you trying to destry the evil organization? Or are you trying to escape to one of the Free Regions? Either way, be prepared to battle your way out, keeping your wits about you.

I got the pictures from this site, which has good examples of the gijinka pokemon: It's in Japanese, but you can click on the numbers on the left, then right sides, which correspond to the pokemon's number, if you cannot read Japanese.

Here is the thread:

The discussion topic, which has more information if you want to join, is right here:

We are currently open for people to join!
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon: Final Evolution   Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:03 am

Hi all! Also, if you need help with your bio, or just want to see what other pokemon people have chosen, just click here:

Those are my characters, Arbok and Milotic. You may also use facadepapergirl's bio as a reference (Polygon Z):

Or filmshinobi's character Haunter:

Or Aviaris_Sevanthis' characters Arcanine and Absol:


<3 Saphira

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Pokemon: Final Evolution
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