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 Facadepapergirl's Characters

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PostSubject: Facadepapergirl's Characters   Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:10 am

Character Picture

.:General Character Info

.:Name: Porygon-Z.3epp4_b1lq55EG
.:Nickname: Z
.:Age: 17 Pokeyears

.:Race: Pokemon (Changed)
.:Species: Porygon-Z
.:Gender: Porygon-Z is a genderless species
.:Height: 5'7

.:Weight: 93lbs.
.:Eye Color: Yellow with a black ring
.:Hair Color: Red
.:Tongue Colour: Blue
.:Dominant Hand: Left
.:Theme Song (Optional): "" By

.Personal Character:

.:Character Attire: A red sweater with blue sleeves tied together by a curved stripe of the same colour, and blue pants.
.:Alignment: Neutral
.:Martial Status: N/A
.:Sexuality Preferance: N/A

.:Occupation: Fugitive

.:Family: N/A
.::Likes: Electronics, unusual activity, personal glitches
.::Dislikes: Bugs, viruses, antiviruses, reprogramming
.::Love interest: N/A
.:Friends: Lab Assistant Jerry

.:Upper Body: Red and blue sweater
.:Lower Body: Bue pants
.:Footwear: Bue shoes

.:Powers: Conversion (A:100) -Normal- , Conversion 2( A:100) -Normal- , Tri Attack (P:80, A:100) -Normal- , Psybeam (P:65, A:100) -Psychic- , Discharge (P:80, A:100) -Electricity- , Recover (A:100) -Normal-

.:Abilities: Z does not need to breathe and can survive in any or no element, such as outer space. Z can also dissolve into code and enter cyberspace. It also has effecient knowledge of computers. It can levitate, to a certain level, more of a sustained jump.

.:Weakness: Fighting x2, Resistance: None, Immune: Ghost

.:Personality: Quirky, troublemaking, logical, calculating, proud.


Z was one of Team Galactic' updates to Silph Co.'s Porygon2. This particular model was under ther service of a lab assistant in Johto. When the Team Rocket 2.0 Takeover began, the lab assistant, named Jerry, brought it with him into Hoenn. Z already had some glitches, plus some modifications made by Jerry, so that it had more of a personality. It got infected while in Johto, and Changed in Hoenn, to the mixed horror and excitement of Jerry. Unfortunately, when the Takeover spread to Hoenn, Team Rocket arrested Jerry for Possesion of a Changed Pokemon and Refusal to Turn in a Changed Pokemon to Authorities. But before they could capture Z, it reverted into code and escaped through cyberspace from Jerry's computer. It seeks to retrieve Jerry from Team Rocket.
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Facadepapergirl's Characters
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