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 To end the war??....

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PostSubject: To end the war??....   Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:58 pm

It was the closing days of the third era; the civil war between the empire of Voorhiven and the native peoples of Raython was coming to an end. The Voorhiven Empire had made a lot of enemies trying to take over the continent of Osgileith; The Raythonians knew this decided to do something they never thought of before hire an assassin.
“My Lord, the man is here for you” said the servant entering the great hall, “that’s fine, show him in” the king replied. A man walked into the room he stood at 5’10” looked like he weighed about 200 pounds, wearing what looked like some form of scale armor with a knife on his side, with a bow and arrows on his back. “You must be the man we have sent for, thank you for coming with haste” the king said, “it is not a problem, sir now you know my fee it is 100k in gold and jewels for the killing of an enemy commander I hope you understand” the man said “yes that is fine, may I ask your name?” the replied “if you have to call me something, you may call me Azzale” he said. “Now before you leave I would like to make a request, take someone from my kingdom with you, for insurance” the king said “Sir I mean no disrespect but I work alone….” he said before being interrupted “consider it a personal favor, there will be extra money in it, will there be anyone willing to go with this man for their king?”
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PostSubject: Re: To end the war??....   Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:11 pm

((Only she is covered with a cloak....kind of like Assassin's Creed hoods and cloaks and she has a mask.))

"I will my Majesty." A voice rang out, pure and true. A hooded figure stepped forward, leather boots not making a sound as it stepped forward. A mask covered the lower half of the face so that only striking emerald eyes could be seen from beneath the shadows. "Ahh, good of you to volunteer." The King seemed a bit taken aback, but recovered quickly. "Accompany Azzale and do right by my commands." He said. The hooded figure took a knee and said, "Yes Majesty." The voice from beneath the hood could have been male or female at this point, something "Phantom" took great care to make sure of....well one of the many things.

The figure merely stood there and waited to follow Azzale.

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To end the war??....
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