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 Life or death(private)

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Life or death(private) Empty
PostSubject: Life or death(private)   Life or death(private) EmptyMon Jul 02, 2012 6:57 pm

Sharp gun shots were heard down the dead end street in a busy city. As Shimei was running quickly as his feet would let him. Blood was gushing from his shoulder and boy did it hurt like a bitch. Darting to the left sharply he hopped a fence and found himself surrounded "Yoshida this is far as you go!" Said one of the men as they cornered him. "Face it you're trapped like a rat nowhere to run! Now then come with us!" Said another guy. Shimei sighed and said, "How many times must I tell you people I'm not interested in joining you. I am a lone mercenary and that's how it'll always stay. Now then do me a favor and go fall into a ditch." Shimei smirked and snapped his fingers the street exploding undernath the men caving in taking them with it. Shimei had jumped up and grabbed a fire escape ladder at the last moment and now dangled there. Swinging himself onto solid ground he lit up a a cigaratte and walked off like nothing had happened. He had to get his shoulder treated now. "Damn jerks ruined my favorite coat..." Grumbled Shimei.
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Life or death(private)
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