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 ~About Pika Project Recruit!

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PostSubject: ~About Pika Project Recruit!   Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:31 pm

Pika Project Recruit!

Have a passion for assembling groups of people who share the same
hobbies/ideas?? Are you as OBSESSED with anime, video games, manga,
cartoons, etc., as SAPHIRA is?!?! Join and help us build an army of EPIC
proportion!! PIKA PROJECT GO!!!

Pika Project Recruit is a group of members who all want to take part
in promoting this site. We will have flyers posted up both on this site, as
well as around our schools, work places, restaurants, facebook, blogs, etc. Anywhere you
can slap a flyer please do so!

There will be printable flyers posted up on this board by staff members,
but any other members are ENCOURAGED to make their own and help
us out! Please take part in attracting new faces, as well as bettering our
online community!

Adventure! Friendship! Togetherness!

Lady Snail, daughter to Lord of Wintershell, Protector of the Garden Wall, Master of Slime.

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~About Pika Project Recruit!
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