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 To Hell and back, eh?

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PostSubject: To Hell and back, eh?   Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:51 pm


In Tretta, it is customary to keep an article of personal value of those who have passed on, in order for the living to remain in contact with them during their dreams. It's believed that those who have accomplished acts of heroism during life, should be honored and visited in death often. As the common religion of Nitrol states- when all of the body is lost, the soul no longer belongs to this world. Unlike the religions we on Earth believe, the afterlife is not a place of peace and final resting- but a place where you will suffer for every misdeed, until the High Lord of the dead himself so chooses to send you back to Tretta in a new body. Reincarnation.(

Terra-- a world of magic, mystery, and mayhem-- has been a world at war for the past 500 years. Before then, the world was at peace. Magic and science worked with one another to advance the Tretians; what we as humans may call elves. Yet now, men with guns were spreading like wild fire. Teaching magic had become taboo; and the belief of Nitrol had become something of an 'evil' believe as new Religions arose. The Museums that were public reminders of heros past had been burned down- the relics inside sealed away and forgotten. Books, of arcane knowledge, burned and shredded. The faith in the Gods had dwindled to a mere cult as Science tore a bloody path through the worlds very heart...


Before The Hall of Steria fell, a group of Nitrolian priests had stolen a single artifact. Stolen, and destroyed. A skull of a fallen hero- Xeimas. A traveling man who had fought the God of Death himself in order to save the world from the embodiment of Pestilence. Though he was slain, the God of Death had been shown through him that the Tretians were yet a determined people, capable of compassion despite their greed. Legend said the God took pity on civilization at the cost of Xeimas' life and gave a cure for the disease that had plagued the lands to a woman who had been with the hero at his demise. That woman was crowned Queen only three years later, and the Skull became the royal emblem used to always remember the noble mans sacrifice. But as all things do, this Queens reign soon turned sour. The war she started all those years ago, by attempting to outlaw the advancement of science, still raged on today. Now, Magic was losing...

-----25 years later--------

OOC: OKAY! So this is 525 years into the war. Xeimas has been reincarnated and reborn- almost as soon as the priests destroyed his old skull. this is pretty much going to be an epic battle rp. a war against magic and science. Being a Reincarnation, the Nitrolian belief is you will have round years. The Science people think its just a birth defect. :p I need a Nitrolian woman to come across him and be convinced he's a hero reincarnated to bring an end to the war... which he is XD
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To Hell and back, eh?
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