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 YES its true. Madness has posted up something NEW

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PostSubject: YES its true. Madness has posted up something NEW   Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:49 am

Its a not a really fleshed out, I have the story already planned in my head, kind of rp. Definitely more of a "we'll figure out how this will go, as it is created" kind of thing. Though I have found that sometimes those are the best kind of rps. Anyways, the link is below. Its placed in a Sanatorium, which is not the same as an Asylum in case anyone was confused. Sanatorium's were a lot like hospitals except the patients were never expected to leave. Either they had sicknesses like Tuberculosis that they would assuredly die of, or they were mentally incompetent in some way. Sanatorium's were considered far better then an Asylum, but they were also known for death and corruption as well so its an interesting backdrop which gives lots of options of how things could go. Anyways, I've talked enough. Link is below. Please join!
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YES its true. Madness has posted up something NEW
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