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 ohai it's been awhile

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Otakushin Daimyo

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PostSubject: ohai it's been awhile   Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:15 pm

First of all, sorry for sort of, going poof o.o

Life got a bit hectic on my end of things, and I sort of lost my inspiration to RP, got plenty of free time now that I'm unemployed though, so I'll try and get back into this :3

You guys were fun, glad I went and checked my email today haha

Also, I forgot how to change my avatar and sig and whatnot /facepalm *needs halp* ._.

Never mind totally got it haha

One last thing, that online members map is scary accurate 2 miles north and about a half mile east of my exact location O.O
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ohai it's been awhile
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