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 Bloodlusted's Chars

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Bloodlusted Doll

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PostSubject: Bloodlusted's Chars   Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:34 pm

.:General Character Info
.:Name: Ciel Phantomhive
.:Age: 16
.:Date of Birth: August 6

.:Species: Human
.:Gender: Male
.:Height: 5'8"

.:Weight: 135 Ilbs
.:Eye Color: Blue
.:Hair Color: Black

.:Dominant Hand: Right
.:Theme Song (Optional): "Dead Can Dance" By The Host of Seraphim

.Personal Character:

.:Character Attire:
.:Alignment: Neutral
.:Martial Status: Single
.:Sexuality Preferance: Male or female

.:Occupation: High school student

Mother - In jail
Father - Alive

.::Likes: Sight of blood, roses, playing games, judgement
.::Dislikes: Sinners
.::Love interest: None
.:Friends: None

.:Personality: Kind, a bit anti-social, attends to smile when he's on his meds/sadistic when off his meds.

Born into a religious life of his loving parents, Ciel was thrown into the life of judgement at the age of seven by his mother where she would bring him along, having him watch the "acts of God" bring judgement unto sinners his mother had caught. Sometimes she'd mostly forced him to judge a sinner before him by acting up on what she showed him. Even if he did not want to, so his father had called the police and his mother was sent to jail, bringing the end to this judgement. Or was it? As he aged along the years, Ciel had been expelled from school from tying a student up and used sissors to carve her body. Dreading on what his wife's being had affected on him, Ciel was brought into a mental hospital by his worried father due to his now growing bi-polar attitude with chains against his wrists. So now after spending two years inside that place, Ciel came home with meds for that bi-polar attitude and resumes life for now.
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Bloodlusted's Chars
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