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 Rose's Ladies and Gents

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci

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PostSubject: Rose's Ladies and Gents   Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:27 am

Minka Rouche

"If I could just hide, the sinner inside, and keep (him) denied....

.:General Character Info

.:Nickname: Just call me Minka.
.:Age: 206- but eternally 24.
.:Date of Birth: April 5th- 1817
.:Astrological Sign (Optional): Aries

.:Species: Succubus
.:Gender: Female
.:Height: 5'3"
.:Weight: 118lbs.
.:Eye Color: Yellow Topaz
.:Hair Color: Lavender/Orchid
.:Dominant Hand: Neither
.:Theme Song (Optional): "The Sinner in Me" By- Depeche Mode

.Personal Character:

.:Character Attire: + Black velvet top, cut off right below the bust-line. + Tight, black leather pants in the 'hip huggers' style, bell cut at the bottom and about two inches too long for her legs. + Black studded belt- round studs, silver, and a silver skeletal head for the buckle- tongue out, with goat horns and the number 13 on the forehead. + Multiple silver hoops in her ears. + Black leather collar with a giant golden bell in the center. + Usually bare-footed, but likes stilettos, on occasion.
.:Martial Status: Single
.:Sexuality Preferance: I can go both ways.

She changes her story with every man/woman she meets. Usually playing the role of an exotic dancer, or a wealthy play-girl out on the prowl. She had no real 'occupation' though, only her own special way of getting what she needs to play around with whom she wants.

.:Family: None
.::Likes: Well, aside from my healthy apatite for humans- both to play with and to eat- I like the moonlight, and designer clothes. And sometimes I wonder if my life would be a bit more exciting if I didn't have eternity to live it.
.::Dislikes: I hate hot days... Summer is the worst. I also tend to hate people who are naive and innocent- they're pathetic, really.
.::Love interest: Love..? Love is only the temporary thrill you get after indulging in lust. The 'orgasmic moment', as it were.
.:Friends: None

I suppose people would call me heartless- but I'm not a stiff. I love to have fun, in my own fashion, and I absolutely adore games. At least, when I'm winning. You'll keep my attention, and curiosity, by confusing me, but it's a short-lived thing if you don't give me an inch or two. I may or may not take a mile, but then again it still depends on my mood. Usually, I just want to have my fun, and then end yours. But sometimes I like to lag a little bit and let it drag on for a while. I'm easily bored, and almost never impressed. And if you do impress me, chances are I'll just want you more- though not in the same way you may want me. *wink*

My history..? It's so long, and detailed, I'd rather not go into it all. I was born this way, and I'll die this way- that is, if I ever do 'die'... Maybe I'll divulge bits and pieces to you if you intrigue me, but it's highly unlikely.

"...How sweet life would be, if I could be free, from the sinner in me.".

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Rose's Ladies and Gents
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