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 「Brand New Eyes」

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PostSubject: 「Brand New Eyes」   Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:10 pm

Something odd had happened that night when all the persocoms  froze. It lasted around 27 minutes. No amount of stimuli made Kaname react and Nagisa tried everything, even so far as attempting a force reboot.

When Kaname’s garnet orbs finally dulled and he focused again, she'd feared someone had hacked his OS and erased his data.

“Lady Tsuyuri, are you well? Would you like me to transport you home?”  Kaname repositioned himself before her, arms held at his sides, body perfectly erect. He cast a wary glance, “All is secure, we have—”

Nagisa reached out and grasped his arm, “Don't you remember what happened?”

His stare was that of mild confusion, “I remember a voice, that is all.”

Nagisa had since then upgraded his OS, with the most advanced firewall reminiscent of the legendary Chobits series.

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「Brand New Eyes」
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