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 「Breathe Me」An Elfen Lied Spin-Off

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PostSubject: 「Breathe Me」An Elfen Lied Spin-Off    Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:08 am

Oh what could it be?
The dream only she sees?
The fragile heart she kept
The life they'd never accept
Her eyes once held to the sun
Love of life just begun
Her innocent smile like a flower
Her butterfly wings kept hidden
Rain falling down unbidden
Tore her world into a crimson hell
Awaken rose orbs from their spell
Heartbeat, breathing still, walls crashing down…
The dream waiting to be found.


A scientist in a white lab coat was sent to her room to administer more sedatives to keep the dicloniuos girl in her limbo-like state. It was the only non-lethal way for them to continue studying her so that the use of her vectors wouldn't become easily accessible to her.

His expression grim, the man reached down to take her arm. But he never touched her.

The scientists called her Subject X, But her father Dr. Ichiro Kurosawa named her Kohane. His dark hues watching behind the tinted glass above. His face held years of experience, and vague signs of stress. His daughter was found and he had no choice.

Kohane simply wanted to fly, she spread her "wings" her mind gripping reality now.

The air once kept recycled, too clean now held the familiar, metallic scent of spilled blood.

Her arms held her shivering body. Head hung low as the human before her dropped in pieces. Her unseen vectors had extended too far. One more lost.

「she's in truble now.」


❛ All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ❜

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「Breathe Me」An Elfen Lied Spin-Off
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