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 Kaya's Characters

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PostSubject: Kaya's Characters    Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:06 am

Here all of my characters. I'll update this thread as I add more.

.:Name: Kirari Hiruko
.:Nickname: None
.:Age: 14
.:Date Of Birth: Sep.11th.1996

.:Species: Human
.:Gender: Female
.:Height: 4'11"

.:Weight: 95lb
.:Eye color: Purple
.:Hair coloe: Silver
.:Dominant Hand: Both

-Personal Character-

.:Character attire: School Uniform
.:Alignment: Neutral
.:Martial Status: Single
.:Sexuality Preferance: Straight

.:Occupation: Student

.:Family: She belongs to a rich family, but her parents always travel.
.:Likes: Belonging to Somehting, her stuff bear, her parents, cartoons.
.:Dislikes: Cliques, gossip, being alone, and her servants.
.:Love Interest: None
.:Friends: None

.:History: Kirari has always wanted to find her palce in the world. although shes grown up in the same neighborhood her whole life, she still never made one friend. Everybody believed she was the stuck up rich girl you didnt want to involve yourself with. Kirari hasnt seen her parents since she was a very little girl. they always go from trip to trip. Always business. Shes never known what its ment to belong and she fears she never will

.:Personality: Kirari is the kind of girl who hides in the shadow and never speaks her mind. she tries and give people the cold shoulder since thats the only thing she ever got. but shes just to kind hearted. she has a special connectionw ith her bear.
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Kaya's Characters
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