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 The Damsel...

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PostSubject: The Damsel...   Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:52 pm

"Help.." Called the voice, drawing the man deeper and deeper into the darkest sections of the forest. "Please...someone..."

The voice sounded so broken to him, so hurt and frightened...As a brave man he could not just walk away and leave the female with whatever danger she found herself in. The man in him would not let him.

"Please...over here!" Her voice grew higher, nearly frantic, almost screaming. Soon, barely any moonlight could push through the vast amount of trees, making him nearly blind. "Please!" she screamed.

"Over here..." the voice cooed. Finally he saw a shadowed figure. It was thin, feminine, and shaking with what he assumed was fear.

"Oh thank you... I am so lucky you found me... please, come closer and help me..." He was confused, but found himself walking closer anyway.

"Are you okay, miss?" He asked, reaching a hand out to the figure.

She chuckled. His screams filled the empty forest.

~~~~~~~~~~ A few months later...

Word began to get around. As more and more men disappeared from the villages around the forest, more and more gossip spread about the female who could shift her form into a wolf-like beast. Bits of shredded flesh and spattered blood the only evidence left behind when she struck. There were laws against going into the forest after dark.

Posters hung all over:

Known only as Cadilae,
around the age of 16-18
do not let her looks fool you.
She is dangerous. Any sighting you
are required to inform authorities immediately.

The reward, however, was set to more than even the king himself had.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meanwhile...

She sniffed the ground, her thoughts momentarily replaced with animalic instinct. She could feel her blood pumping strong through her tensed muscles; the air rushing in and out of her lungs; the cool, damp earth beneath her paws. Walking carefully, she saw her next prey. More like a game really, she followed a small fox through the trees. Seeing the perfect opportunity, she ran, moving to jump. Something snapped around her right hindleg, and she let out a painful whine, watching as the fox frantically ran away into the deep, tall grass of the woods.

Looking back, she saw her bloodied leg, caught in a man-trap. She linked her wound, whimpering. Just then, she heard something. Her head snapping up, she lowered herself toward the ground as a figure stepped out into the small clearing.

((So, I am hoping for a character (male or female) to find her, but have compassion, not hearing (or not thinking about) the posted warnings. I want them to take the animal into their home, put it in a cage, and help it heal its wound. While she is there, she obviously cannot change back, making herself weaker and weaker until her body changes back naturally and the person sees her, etc. We'll go from there. Could turn romantic, possibly. ))
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The Damsel...
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