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 Escape by a Hair

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Escape by a Hair Empty
PostSubject: Escape by a Hair   Escape by a Hair EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 2:02 pm

Escape by a Hair Anime-neko

The sound of sirens filled the air, only making it more entertaining. Spray cans sounding this group of delinquents, while they tried to finish there newest piece of art. It said REAL in graffiti surrounded by amazing little designs that came straight from the imagination of Black Bullets. They made there master piece known to world, because when the cops got there, there was no case of them even being there.

“Black Bullets are at it again. The work was present on Grattan street. Who knows when these criminals will be got? All we know at the moment is that they are the only gang in New York.” the news reporter looked horribly mad at the garbage spreading in the city.
“I cant believe you idiots!” I screamed though the halls of the abandoned music store we adopted as our home.

“don’t ever do this again! Do you know how close we were to getting got” I wine to the lazy boys lounging around.

My name is Shiloh Rizzo, and I am leader of The Black Bullets. I am 15 and the most dangerous person you will ever meet. I grew up in Japan and was thought by the gangs there, or Yankees, which or more a less ninjas. So I easily took over New York, and cleansed it of any other unworthy gangs, which was all. I only accepted the most trained to enter my gang, any one else I simply killed. Some call me blood crazy, I just like to have fun. The T.V. started blaring again.

“Alfea, the school for the musically gifted”

“bullshit, anyone would willingly go there” I snorted at the hideously school.

OOC. Inspired by winx club and step up xD

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Escape by a Hair
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