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 A Pair of Star Crossed Lovers

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PostSubject: A Pair of Star Crossed Lovers   Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:53 pm

Two families. Two kingdoms. A war that has lasted a century.

A hatred unending until there was two. A prince and princess born of royalty, to continue the grudge, only to be defeated by something much greater than themselves.

A Pair of Star Crossed Lovers. <3

Isabella Castille, born and raised a warrior princess, meant to fight for her family and finally defeat their bitterest enemy. She was a force to be reckoned with during the best of times, and a terror during the worst. Their enemies feared the sight of her on the battlefield, for with slash of sword and crack of whip she could defeat the strongest of men.

Isabella was not only known for her strength and prowess, but also for her enchanting beauty. Hair like spun gold, a body toned from practice and battle, she looked delicate and yet fierce, a combination alluring and enchanting in a woman.

She never thought she’d ever be in this situation. The Castille princess did not let these things happen. Yet, there she was, locked in the enemy dungeon, waiting to find out what the barbarians would do to her now. It was supposed to be an easy mission. Free some of her captured men from a battle outpost, but they had been waiting for her and her small band. Killing many and capturing her, taking her back to the capital within the enemy kingdom. She didn’t expect to make it out of this alive. Such a hope was too much for the battle hardened princess. But she was determined to take as many down with her as she could.

She could hear footsteps above her, and the muffled sound of voices before the clanking of the iron door opening cast a beam of light on her bruised and battered face. Even with one eye covered by her blonde hair, chained to the wall, and without a weapon, Isabella glared at the offending figure that stood in the doorway. If she had a blade she would have run him through the moment he stepped into the light and showed his face.

The Prince of the royal family.

((OKay! So pretty simple. This is a cross between Taylor Swift's song Love Story and Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet, except this wont have both of them dead at the end. Or will it? Who knows! I need a prince though. So please join!))
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PostSubject: Re: A Pair of Star Crossed Lovers   Wed Mar 25, 2015 12:32 am

Prince Bjorn Salvaticus II stepped through the threshold, gaze focused, sharp. Not only had they seized enemy soldiers breaching his kingdom of Calisma, but now they'd captured the princess. Luck? Coincidence? He didn't believe in such foolishness. As the future king he had a country to protect, and by God he'd protect it. Soon as he'd learned of the princess' capture he'd put his nocturnal obligations on hold. He couldn't miss this. In part he actually couldn't believe it. Hense his arrival down the bowels of the castle underground chambers.

"I understand the soldiers, but allowing a princess out on a rescue mission? Ill advised." He said. Then hesitated a good foot from her and took in her less than proper form. The soldiers had certainly roughed her up, but it's not like it wasn't anything she couldn't handle, she was far from a typical royal subject. She wanted to be treated like a warrior—so she'd get the warrior treatment. A princess as herself whom deviated from the norm is a rare sight. It taught him another side of the female mind and spirit. Though the bruise coloring her cheek made her appear fiercer, and the intensity of her molten eyes were fire that sizzled his blood.

“Custom would dictate that the enemy breaching Calisma be put to death, beheaded or tortured. Considering I'm certainly not my father I had you and your allies confined here instead,” he gestured their surroundings, “not exactly a hospitable environment, but it's a given.” Just what was she expecting? That she'd swoop in a save her men without getting caught?

Stupid move on her part.

“Speak now Warrior Princess, why did you send your men into my country? Spies? Are you planning another war?” He didn't expect her to give an answer, much less a truthful one but felt the need to ask regardless. For many years, even long before his conception it's been one bloody battle after another. Two countries, both ruled by ruthless men who called themselves Kings, at it much like children with superior egos and in their fall they left these unsettling matters on them, the heirs to a throane gained in centuries of blood.

Did Bjorn ask for such a heavy obligation? No. Did he want it? Negative. He'd rather spend his days as carefree prince, only dealing with the matters of a youthful heart, such dire responsibilities were for his father. The King of Calisma. Alas, realiry had cut any chances he had at a insouciant life. Now the fate of many lives rested on his shoulders, both friend and foe.

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A Pair of Star Crossed Lovers
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