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 I know what I am.

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PostSubject: I know what I am.   Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:05 am

I know what I am.
These lie's cant be who I really am..
..You make my ♥heart skip a beat..

When I was younger my father taught me to embrace my originality; He told me anything was possible. Til I turned twelve; when he walked out on me and my mother. I guess that's when I turned a little bitter..

Light flooded into the room as the blinds were opened, movement in the bed to struggle to get the blankets over her head. "Mooother, what the hell.." Yuki grumbled, she hated being woken up. Hated mornings, and Mondays. She actually hated just about everything. Or said she did.

"Its time for school. You are going, we're not going to have a repeat of last year young lady. You skipped far too much school." Ono crossed her arms, to make it clear to her daughter she was serious. "I wont have my daughter be an embarrassment. Like her father. Stop shaming your family."

"Ohmigod, will you just shut up? Im not dad, or I would have already left you too!" Yuki angrily got up from bed, and slammed the bathroom door. She had to get away from her mother before she said anything else she might regret. She quickly got ready for school, just to avoid her mother. She left without saying a word.

Ono frowned as she stood in the kitchen, hearing the door open and shut. She didn't know how to even deal with her daughter anymore. Hurt from what was said by both of them.

Yuki walked quickly down the street, she wanted to scream, but kept it inside of herself. Too many people around, and she just couldn't be herself in front of anyone anymore. Even to her own mother, she wore a mask. Clenched fist, staring down at her feet as she walked. She didn't hear her friend til she was by her side already. "What?" Yuki blinked as she looked up at Cara Lynn, "Oh, I didn't see you-"

Cara smiled at her, "Really? I called for you, like five times." She laughed, "You're cute." She linked arms with Yuki. "You alright? You look distracted.." Cara's big blue eye's filled with concern.

"Just my mother. Acts like I don't care. Says Im an embarrassment.. Like my father.. Who is she to talk anyways? She's the one who chased him off.."

"I bet she's just as sad as you." Cara frowned, squeezing onto her friends arm. "Don't let it get to you." They walked through the school gates, just then the school's first bell rang. "Oh, we need to hurry." She let go of Yuki's arm, and grabbed her hand as they quickly went up the stairs into the school. "What do you have as your first class? I have History, I love History."

"Science.. I hate Science.."

"You hate everything, quit frowning and get to class." Cara laughed, and rushed off down the hall to make it to her own classroom.

Yuki watched her friend run off, thinking what a blonde she is. Who like's History anyways? She walked into the class, just a little late. She was greeted by a unamused look from the teacher who told her to just take a seat. She was at least happy teachers usually don't write you up on the first day of school. She took a seat in the back of the class, next to another girl she knew.

The teacher went over roll call, addressing them all by name so he could memorize it. The Class President then gave a small speech about clubs, and upcoming events, nothing that seemed to interest Yuki.

"Yuki, you need to pay more attention." The Mr. Inoko scolded, he couldn't help but notice her stare blankly at the wall. "Im going to pair everyone up, and who your paired with will be your partner for the semester. No complaining, no switching." He said sternly, and started to list off names.

Yuki grumbled as the girl next to her giggle, how annoying. Yuki was never any good at Science, she wasn't looking forward to the class, and she already didn't like the teacher. It was only the beginning of her junior year.

"Takani, Lyons over here."

She heard her last name, and looked to the spot where the teacher pointed. It was in the front row, right in front of the board.. Yuki bit her lip, not wanting to move. She slowly put her things into her book bag, and moved to the front. She looked over at the person who was sitting down next to her. New guy.

[OOC: I need a guy. You can make up your own character and whatnot, just use the last name Lyons... I need him to dislike her at first, but after he gets to know her starts to like her.. Typical high school. Possibly mature. Mature language. No more then two join. No one-lining. Please&thanks.]
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I know what I am.
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