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 P a p e r S t a r s // A graphics shop.

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belated valentine

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PostSubject: P a p e r S t a r s // A graphics shop.   Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:06 pm

Paper Stars is a Graphics Shop co-created and co-owned by Deceitful Fantasy and Belated Valentine,
two photoshop gurus with years of experience under their studded belts. Both designers feature unique
styles that many people find pleasing to the groin eyes.

Awkwardness aside...

In this thread you will be able to request top notch graphics from our designers, who will then slave
over photoshop until they get it right. So please,
skim through the examples in order to see our styles, then just fill out the easy form and you're
ready to go!

Extras: (anything we didn't include)

Belated Valentine
Examples Here

Deceitful Fantasy
Examples Here

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P a p e r S t a r s // A graphics shop.
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