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 Crimson_Alchemist's characters

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PostSubject: Crimson_Alchemist's characters   Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:20 am

.:General Character Info

.:Name: Lance Allerdice
.:Nickname: "Chosen One"
.:Age: 15
.:Date of Birth: 05/27
.:Astrological Sign (Optional): Gemini

.:Species: Human
.:Gender: Male
.:Height: 5'10"

.:Weight: 165
.:Eye Color: Brown
.:Hair Color: Green
.:Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
.:Theme Song (Optional): "Follow" By: Breaking Benjamin

.Personal Character Info:

.:Character Attire: Green Shirt with Green and Silver Jacket
.:Alignment: Good
.:Marital Status: Single
.:Sexuality Preference: Straight

.:Occupation: The Chosen One

.:Family: He only has his Grandpa
.::Likes: likes being with friends, protecting people, green apple and grape soda/juice, ramen, training
.::Dislikes: cleaning his grandpa's shop, people hurting the ones he loves, people hitting on Naomi
.::Love interest: Naomi (the girl he travels with)
.:Friends: Naomi Sodonosuke, Mike Morgan, Roy Calibur, Shinkotsu Nakamura, Jin Fujibashi

.:Head: Nothing
.:Upper Body: Green and silver jacket
.:Waist: Brown Leather Belt
.:Lower Body: Black Jeans
.:Footwear: Black Sneakers

.:Personality: Lance is a fun courageous guy who always has to look good. He hates letting people down but loves cheering people up. He loves seeing people smile and enjoys putting smiles on people's faces. He always makes promises and does his best to keep them, especially when he makes a promise with Naomi. He likes to train so he can protect the ones he loves and doesn't give up. He can be a smart ass sometimes and is stubborn, which bugs his grandpa and some of his friends.

.:History: Lance grew up in a place called Rust Island. He loves to surf and loves the beach. His sister and father were killed and his mother was kidnapped by a gang called Creed when he was 7. His grandpa has been taking care of him ever since that day and pretty much raised him. Someday, Lance wants to leave his island to search for his mother and have his revenge against Creed and any other gang that gets in his way. When he starts having dreams about a voice telling him to go to a cave he never knew existed, he finds his "partner", a legendary sword called the Miracle Blade. He becomes the chosen one who has to find the mystical scales of the Grand Elder, and later finds out others are interested in looking for these scales and runs into some old faces....

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Crimson_Alchemist's characters
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