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 Current situation

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PostSubject: Current situation   Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:16 pm

okay some interesting things have happened since the start of this year, some being really awesome, others not so much.

well firstly I've been accepted into university, for 2 degrees, both 3 years long, one part time, for both Music and Art, which I start september, gonna be awesome.

my band has broken up due to difference in musical direction(some wanted more of a pop orientated sound). luckily the drummer/vocalist.(switches with me on occasion) and bass player have stuck with our original plan, which is to play and write music we enjoy.

the break up has given rise to a new band(name still being thrown around the office). we just need to find a willing guitarist. this one will be different, in some songs, I'll play drums simaltaneously with my freind ^^, Weird I know but cool right?. not too sure what kind of music we will play, probably a meld of different styles, rather than sticking with just one

I've recently joined a Faith No More tribute band called "Band Of Sunshine."( a word play of the faith no more song "Land Of Sunshine", as Vocalist(quite the chalenge for me)

oh and during easter I'm planning to go to japan for 2 weeks! which I'm looking forward to!!!!

and on a more personal note, my 3 months being single has finally ended, as I'm currently in a relationship which makes sigh with releif lol ^^
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Current situation
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