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 top 5 awesome storytelling games

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PostSubject: top 5 awesome storytelling games   Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:53 pm

I recently got into a huge debate about games of the past 10 years that have a really awesome story...twists, WTF moments, character development etc. and I compiled a list of mine, with reasons too ^^

1. Bioshock series
the game is set in an underwater city that didnt have any laws, to which a riot broke out later on is filled with genetically jacked up crazies called splicers, to whom all have different abilities, the time frame...between 1950 and 1970. the 2 main villians in the games are Andrew Ryan, Frank Fontaine and sofia lamb. both games have different stories which you play as both outsider and inhabitant. it also includes one of the greatest monsters since nemesis from Resi Evil 3, the big daddy, a huge hulking rumbling behemoth in a diving suit, to which they won't attack unless provoked by attacking him going near a little sister, to which she calls him "Mr. Bubbles"....very creepy. of you havent heard of it, you need to check it out, atleast with gameplay videos...beleive me its totally worth it

2. Dante's Inferno
I've read the divine comedy, its a must read for anyone who hasnt read it. the game is based on the poem(inferno, the first part) and really is great. lost love, fighting for said love against a hord of the most fuked up monsters in the past 10 years, devil may cry doesnt even compare to the monsters in Dante's inferno.( huge fan of DMC myself). really should check out the divine comedy if you havent

3. Assassin's creed series
very well crafted, even more so the 2nd game. it really blends 2 different stories together, with overlapping conspriacy theories, and sci fi stuff.

4.Zone of the enders
really suh an underrated game for the ps2, the story was very heart warming, if not alittle typical anime like, but included huge giant mech fights...thats a plus for me

5. Farenheit(however you spell it)
same they didnt do a sequel. you play as a due who just killed a man, to which you also play as 2 cops, but the story gets more complex, eding with an awesome plot twist at the end.

honourable mentions to

it really was a cool story, but FF games follow similiar themes and plots, not too much . I really love the series

when I completed the 4th game I was very dissapointed, and confused. but the other 3 games blew me away
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PostSubject: Re: top 5 awesome storytelling games   Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:02 pm

1 GEARS OF WAR series has to be my favorite. the idea of monster living under us is a good idea. no doubt it has been done before , and the locust enemies by far are me favorite mosters in any game for me personaly. PS i do have the Omen Tat on my leg so i am a big fan lol

2 BioShock i agree with your statement Smile

3.Assassins Creed, i also agree with you HAha

4. Deus Ex Human Revolution. This is one game that has to be a very well written story. A game such as this includes Conspiracy, Lies, advance tecnology. The main plot is people are protesting companies to stop Augmenting aka (bionic organisms) that its not fair to play gods role. Essentially they found a way to control Human Evolution, and there is debate to keep this as planned or change it. There are many moral choices to make, and this game is very similar gameplay to Metal Gears Sloid. I highly Recommend this game to others Smile and Overall it has good replay value.
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PostSubject: Re: top 5 awesome storytelling games   Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:43 pm

1. Dot// Hack series.
I cant believe no one mentioned it!!!!

2. Zelda Twilight Princess
Yeah, so the grafics were nothing to be happy with, but the plot rocked my socks.

3. Infamous

4. God of War Series

5. Prince of Persia Series.
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PostSubject: Re: top 5 awesome storytelling games   

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top 5 awesome storytelling games
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