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 Dex-kuns helpful RP'ing tips

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Otakushin Daimyo

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PostSubject: Dex-kuns helpful RP'ing tips   Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:22 am

So, we already have a tutorial, I'd just like to throw down a few tips to
save yourself (and possibly others) some serious headache.

First of all, I can be a bit of a grammar nazi sometimes (it comes from
doing a LOT of reading methinks) so a helpful tip is to write out your posts
in MS Office or a similar word processing program. I use Office 2007
myself, and it does a great job with correcting grammar and spelling.

If you don't feel like using a text editing program, remember browsers nowadays
SHOULD have a built in spell check feature (at least Firefox 3 does) so proofread
your posts please, it only takes a few seconds and it looks a lot better ^^;

Anyone that makes long posts has probably known the horror of the internet
eating all your hard work in a careless click or an untimely time-out, copy what
your writing to the clipboard every once and awhile just to be safe, it isn't that
hard to highlight your potential post and hit ctrl+c if your on windows (this
doesn't really apply if you're using a word processing program though) and
it can save you from having to retype a nice big block of text =]

If you ARE using a word processing program, save often, remember the
golden rule in gaming, always ALWAYS reflex save (am I dating myself
here? /feels old)

While providing some nice backstory on your character is nice, it isn't
warranted to give their whole life's story in the bio post, it makes for
some boring character building, I guess what I'm getting at is, be
descriptive, just not TOO descriptive.

On the topic of power playing, I personally don't mind someone giving
my character a few lines or actions, as long as they stay true to his
or her character, so go ahead, take it around the block if you need to,
just don't break it, or you'll have one unhappy RP'er to contend with
on top of paying for the repairs ;P

Well, that's all I can think of for now, aside from basic netiquette,
and I hope to whatever gods you believe we can all manage follow
that here haha.

If I think of anything else later I'll add it here, just figured I'd add
my own two cents Razz

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Dex-kuns helpful RP'ing tips
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