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 The tales of an open Inn

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PostSubject: The tales of an open Inn   Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:50 am

This was Akira's first time in Kyoto, where he had bought an inn not far from town. Eversince he was a child he wanted to run and own an inn, and now on his 21th birthday the dream came true. The inn wasn't in perfectly shape, but fixable so the next 5 days Akira did a total remake of the inn, transforming it to his dream inn. The inn was a three story house. Basement, ground floor and first floor, ground floor was the kitchen, bar, reception and living room. In the first floor there was 10 small rooms, one where Akria slept in. The inn also has it's own private hot spring and garden.

Akira was siting on the roof, it is the night before he finaly opens. He took out an sweetpotato ocarina and started to play a beautiful melody in the moonlight.
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The tales of an open Inn
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