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 Pain is my "Penance"( mature )

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PostSubject: Pain is my "Penance"( mature )   Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:33 pm

(( this is my third RP. its set 80 years in the future, Japan has become a Wasteland, with Tokyo the only surviving city, under the new name of "New Tokyo". Kind of based after my city RP. but has a 2 new races that are fighting vampires, wherewolves, and demons. those are mutants and Hybrids))

A group of lustful men circled around a young girl, she screamed as loud as she could, but they laughed " dont worry your sweet little eyes darlin...we just want a peek" they all laughed as the leader held a knife. she backed away but the alleyway cut off, ending in a dead end.

he stood on the rooftops, watching the whole event take place,before jumping down. he looked at the group."are you willing to feel and inflict pain"he asked in the shadows."noe of your goddanm business" the leader walked over to the shadows and punched him across the face. the leader then fell to the ground clutching his hand, and crying in agony. he stepped out of the darkness, revealing himself. the girl ran past them in terror. as they leader got up, Penance grabbed the man and repeatedly headbutted him untill he was nothing but a bloody mess. the other 2 were shocked in fear, and ran off. Penance sighed as he then jumped back ont the roof.

as it rained penance walked 5 blocks away from the incident, he was a murderer, a killer, a hunter,but he knew that he was doing this for good. he could hear someone aproach from the back." what is it you want?" he asked not turning around
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Pain is my "Penance"( mature )
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