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 City of the Lonely

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PostSubject: City of the Lonely   Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:53 pm

The city was bustling with people like it always was, and yet I still felt alone. These days it seemed like I always felt alone. Funny thing, to feel such a thing when I was constantly surrounded by people. It wasn’t like I didn’t have friends either. In fact I was just walking back from a party the night before. Yet, I couldn’t shake the loneliness that fell on me like a heavy blanket you wear when its below zero.

I kept my hood up as I walked through the gate to reach the underground. People were everywhere, and so no one noticed me slip through without paying. I did this everyday and yet no one noticed me. Either I was really good at it, or had finally reached that level where I could turn invisible.

Boarding a random train, I’m not really sure which one, I sat down in a seat towards the back of the car. I leaned my head against the window and stared blankly. My mind was both in chaos and completely blank. Its how things usually went, I suppose.
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❩ Beauty of the Dark ❨

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PostSubject: Re: City of the Lonely   Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:02 pm

There he was.
The chosen one. Her first charge for centuries now since ever.

The woman sat directly across from him.

`I can see how he's mastered at least one skill. The unseen.` Rune Relkrad thought. Recalling such an ability came quickly, but its mechanics prooved difficult to comprehend. `For how could one be fully seen, yet be completely invisible at the same time?` she mused interested in such a strange talent.

If he were to capture her slender,model-esque, figure seated amongst the throng of people around her, he'd notice how unnaturally still she was. Like a statue, despite the train's movements. Her complexion abnormally pale, with a touch of rose just beneath the porcelain skin. Ebony hair, glossy, poker straight, and as perfect as a magazine cover.

Her face, unreadable, void of any human emotion. The large pools of reflected moonlight that were her eyes never left his visage. Remained well hidden behind the designer shades.

The kid was a mess. Her weekly observation on him prooved this fact. And his low sense of self worth is what seemed to have triggered one of the abilities attained by a future Savrelien. And inevitably the last of its kind.

Before he could save anyone however, he'd need proper training and there was no one more suited for the job than Rune.

Clad in black from head-to-toe, the young apprentice, was well prepared tonight. Finally she was to confront the human and awaken him from his slumber. The world to him may be empty, but the future of another lay in his hands. And if he knew better, he'd realize that he not belong to just himself -but is indeed connected to someone, and many more. Even if he didn't realize it.

`This is it.` Rune thought, taking a breath. Her first physical movement since she sat down moments ago. As soon as she got him alone she'd complete her mission by awakening the planet's last hope for survival.


❮"You know the difference between promises and memories? We break promises, where as memories break us."

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City of the Lonely
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