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 Kisuke Yotsuba

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PostSubject: Kisuke Yotsuba   Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:57 pm

.:General Character Info

.:Name: Kisuke Yotsuba
.:Nickname: none
.:Age: 20
.:Date of Birth: August 25, 1989
.:Astrological Sign (Optional): Virgo

.:Species: human
.:Gender: male
.:Height: 5'7

.:Weight: 146lbs.
.:Eye Color: Ice-blue
.:Hair Color: greyish white
.:Dominant Hand: left
.:Theme Song (Optional): The Last Goodbye- Black Label Society

.Personal Character:

.:Character Attire: Normally blue jeans, along with a light blue button-up shirt and a white undershirt, along with a navy-blue tie.
.:Alignment: Good
.:Martial Status: single
.:Sexuality Preferance: straight

.:Occupation: Head of one of the branch offices of Yotsuba incorperated

.:Family: Mother and Father
.::Likes: not very much...
.::Dislikes: quite a few things.
.::Love interest: Brooke?
.:Friends: Brooke, Kaylee
.:Footwear: slacks

.:Personality: A quiet and reserved young man, Kisuke tends to be polite, yet aloof, to everyone around him, even his own family. The hair that covers his left eye hides a painful reminder of his past...

.:History: Never really having a childhood, Kisuke was raised to be the perfect heir to his father's conglomerate, the Yotsoba corperation, and was privately tutored at the family home in Georgia, pushed much harder than any child ever should be. As such, her grew up with a fairly cold personality, never letting anyone get close. When he was sixteen however, he met a young girl a year younger than himself, Namine, and they fell in love Shortly after, Kisuke had to move to California under his father's orders to head one of the new branch offices, and Namine moved with him. However, a year later, one of his business rivals decided to try and permenatly remove Kisuke, and had the break-lines on his car cut. That night, as Kisuke and Namine were going out for a night on the town, they were heading down a hill towards a steep curve, and Kisuke hit the brakes... and woke up three days later in the hospital with several broken bones, and a cross-shaped scar over his right eye. Namine, unfortunatly enough, did not make it, and had died in the crash. Kisuke has mourned her loss ever since, visiting the small ice cream shop that she used to love only once a year to honor her memory on her birthday. However, this last time that he visited, he met Brooke and Kaylee- a fated meeting, perhaps?
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Kisuke Yotsuba
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